About Me

Hello, book lovers!

My name is Farrah and I've always loved to read. And I love to talk about books, so writing a review blog became an obvious choice. My absolute favorite things are reading and Ancient Egypt. I live in a suburb outside of Orlando, Florida. And, yes, that means I live right next to all those theme parks :)
I'm currently working on an English degree at the Burnett Honors College of the University of Central Florida. And I hope to work in book publishing.

The Imagine a World blog is a blog where I review and feature the romance books I've read in any genre, YA or adult. For those who wonder why my URL is "the golden rule of 666," no, it doesn't have anything to do with the devil. My first, middle, and last name are all comprised of 6  letters. When I finally realized that a couple of years ago, I thought it was hilarious, so I made it my blog URL when I created Imagine a World.

If you have any questions about me or my blog, leave a comment and I'll answer as soon as I can.

Thanks for coming to my blog :)

email- farrahsayyed@gmail.com


  1. Thank you for the Cover Reveal of Forged in Dreams and Magick today, Farrah! I look forward to sharing the story with you. :)

    ~ Kat

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review, Farrah. Can I use a quote from it on my website?

    1. No problem. Feel free to use whatever you need :)

  3. Hi Farrah! Can you tell me when Descended will make it to your review log? I sent the book to you end of May as requested. Just thought I'd give you a shout to check things with you. Please let me know :)

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  5. Hi Farrah, do you review books that authors send to you directly, or just through book tours? I'm interested!

    1. I do accept books for review from authors. Send me the book details to farrahsayyed@gmail.com and I'll reply if I'm interested in reviewing. I look forward to hearing from you :)