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Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires Book Tour: Review + Excerpt + Giveaway!

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Welcome to my post for the Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires book tour! I have a review coming up, as well as an excerpt and a giveaway for copies of Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires. But, first, allow me to introduce the book:

Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires (Secrets at Thorncliff Manor, #1)
Release date: April 28. 2015
Publisher: Avon Books
Genre: Historical (Regency) Romance
Series: Secrets at Thorncliff Manor #1

Welcome to Thorncliff Manor, where London's elite mix, mingle, and may even find their heart's desire...

There are thousands of things Christopher, Viscount Spencer, would rather do than hunt for a bride, especially since experience has taught him that women are not to be trusted. Then he finds the intriguing Lady Sarah scrambling around in Thorncliff's conservatory and he is instantly charmed by her passionate nature. But why is she so intent on avoiding him?

Lady Sarah would make the perfect bride for a peer—if not for a tarnished past that she's hiding from the ton. A stay at Thorncliff Manor was meant to help her plan for her future, not fall in love. Yet Christopher's kisses are irresistible, his gallantry enticing. When her secret stands to be revealed, will the truth ruin their dreams of happiness?

My Rating: 5 Roses

This book was an absolute delight. Lady Sarah's Sinful desires was sweet and romantic, with very engaging characters and a few secrets along the way. It was a lovely read and I absolutely loved it.

Sarah was a wonderful heroine. She had made a single indiscretion years ago and paid for it ever since. Not only did she have to deal with her own regret and guilt over it, she had to shoulder all the disappointment and cruelty her unsympathetic parents could muster. However, all of that didn't make her bitter. Instead it humbled her to the point that she thought very little of herself. But, even though she didn't see it, she was a very kind, friendly, and likable person. She was clearly strong to live with all the shame piled on her and she only became stronger when she decided it was time to live for her own happiness.I thought she was fantastic.

Christopher was also great. He started out the book with remaining a bachelor being his goal but he changed his tune real quick when he met Sarah. For the most part, he was very sweet, kind, and all around adorable. He did have a moment where his preconceived notions threatened to ruin everything but he, thankfully, got over that quickly so it wasn't a problem. I really liked him as well.

The romance was so sweet. It was clear from the start that Sarah and Christopher were perfect together and it didn't take long for them to realize it either. But, of course, things weren't going to be that easy with a secret between them. I thought they were a lovely couple.

The plot moved quickly and had me hooked all the way through. The story was engaging, entertaining, and entirely enjoyable from start to finish. And the ending was perfect.

Lady Sarah's Sinful Desires was a truly excellent historical romance that I absolutely loved. Enjoyable, romantic, and just an overall lovely read, this book was fantastic. Romance lovers, you won't want to miss this book.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Offering a curt nod, her stepmother said nothing further as she turned her back on Sarah and followed her husband into their bedroom, closing the door behind her and leaving Sarah alone in the corridor. She took a breath, trying to relax and ignore the way her insides shuddered in response to her stepmother’s resentment. “Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?” she heard Alice remark.

Entering her room, Sarah had to confess that she certainly had not, for as it turned out, they were to share an entire suite of rooms with a comfortable sit- ting area in the center.

“Never,” Juliet replied, echoing Sarah’s thoughts. Ignoring her sisters, Sarah walked across to the window and peered out at the vast lawns, the intricate flower gardens, the maze in the distance and the massive lake upon which, if her eyes did not deceive her, was a sailing ship—a frigate, to be exact. No doubt Thorncliff surpassed every ancestral home she’d ever visited. Nothing compared. Perhaps that was the point of the Thorncliff estate.

Sarah resisted the urge to explore Thorncliff for an hour—longer than she’d ever thought possible. Then, with the intention of taking a look around, she left her slumbering sisters to Hester’s watchful eyes.

After descending the stairs, she wandered down a corridor and soon discovered that Thorncliff was filled with guests and servants to the point of over- flowing. Her first impression upon visiting a salon wrapped in Chinese d├ęcor, where some ladies were having tea, was that she’d probably be unlikely to discover a private space she could claim as her own. This suspicion grew when, after passing a series of other rooms, she found each one to be occupied by somebody else. Though she did recognize a few faces and made sure to offer polite greetings, she had no desire to engage in conversation with anyone, fearing it would only result in unpleasant prying.

Eventually, Sarah decided to head out into the garden in search of a secluded corner where she and Snowball would be able to enjoy each other’s company. The poor little creature had spent the better part of the day confined to her reticule and was surely growing restless. But, before arriving at the French doors that would take her outside, Sarah came upon another door that piqued her interest. It was made almost entirely of glass, and beyond it, she could see nothing but greenery—trees, bushes and ferns mostly, all planted on either side of a tiled path that wound its way between them before disappearing from view.

Reaching out, Sarah pressed down on the handle until the door swung open. A humid heat blending with the smell of wet soil greeted her, and she stepped quickly inside, closing the door behind her with care. Silence, and the relief that came with solitude, washed over her as she reached inside her reticule and retrieved her furry companion. Snowball squeaked, wriggling between Sarah’s fingers as she stroked him gently across his back. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I know you’d love nothing better than to scamper about between these plants, but if I set you down, I’ll never find you again.” Stepping forward, she started along the path while her gaze leapt from one massive glass window to the next.

Andover Abby didn’t have a conservatory, and Sarah had always wanted to visit a house that did. She just hadn’t imagined finding one of such incredible size. Why, it had to be at least one hundred yards long, and the width . . . perhaps twenty or thirty? Thinking herself alone and lost in her attempt to calculate an accurate square footage, Sarah instinctively leapt at the sound of a very loud grunt, startled by it to such a degree that she let go of Snowball, who tumbled to the ground and, as one might expect from a curious hamster, chose not to sit and wait for Sarah to pick him up again but raced off along the path as fast as his tiny legs could carry him. Forgetting the sound she’d just heard, Sarah hurried after him, desperate to catch him before she lost him forever in the small jungle.

“Snowball?” Sarah hissed, as if the creature would actually come walking back to her when summoned. Pushing past some wide leaves, she finally spotted the little fellow, sitting quite happily on the edge of the pathway. Heart pounding in her chest, Sarah dropped to a crouch and eased her way forward, desperate to prevent him from leaping off between the bushes. Good heavens, she’d never find him then! With measured breaths, Sarah moved with the silence of a wraith—at least to her own way of thinking— and as tedious and strenuous as the endeavor proved, she knew she had to avoid startling Snowball at all cost.

Eventually, she reached him, her hand moving toward him, ready to snatch him up, just as another grunt shook the air.

Snowball darted off beneath a fern, and Sarah swore with vigor. Hands clenched into two tight fists, she prepared to rise and give whatever creature it was that had produced the sound a proper set down, when a voice spoke, saying, “Aren’t you a bit too old to be crawling about on the floor?”

Sarah froze. If the grunt had belonged to a pig, she might have understood. A pig would not have been clever enough to know what Sarah was trying to accomplish, but then again, a pig would not have been roaming around a conservatory either. Her irritation grew. Of course her efforts had failed because of a man. Brilliant!

Expelling a deep breath, she unclenched her fists, closed her eyes for a brief second and rose, deter- mined to avoid a quarrel with the foolish individual behind her. She prayed that somehow she’d find the ability to be polite in spite of her annoyance. “Sir,” she started to say as she turned toward the dunce, “I will have you know that I . . .” Her words trailed off as he came into view.

Heaven above if the addlepated dunderhead had not been graced with looks that could easily make a roomful of women swoon. Sarah steeled herself. She would not allow his handsome face to affect her. “Where else should I be, all things considered?”

“On your feet?” he suggested, as if he were speaking to a child.

Sarah glared at him. “Obviously,” she said. “Why on earth didn’t I think of that?”


The man’s eyes widened as he leaned back a notch, and Sarah realized to her horror that she’d spoken the insult out loud.
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About the Author:
Born in Denmark, Sophie Barnes spent her youth traveling with her parents to wonderful places all around the world. She's lived in five different countries, on three different continents, and speaks Danish, English, French, Spanish and Romanian. She has studied design in Paris and New York and has a bachelor's degree from Parsons. But, most impressive of all, she's been married to the same man three times—in three different countries and in three different dresses.

While living in Africa, Sophie turned to her lifelong passion: writing. When she's not busy dreaming up her next romance novel, Sophie enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, cooking, gardening, watching romantic comedies and, of course, reading. She currently lives on the East Coast.


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