Thursday, May 7, 2015

Farewell, My Friends

To my dearest followers,

Some of you might have noticed by now that things have been slowing down at Imagine a World. Less post have been going up and less of those have been reviews. Why? I'm simply too busy to be able to focus on reviewing and it's only gotten worse now that I'm beginning the process of moving.

So, I will be leaving Imagine a World. While it makes me sad to leave the blog that I've been on for three years, I've thought a lot about it and came to the conclusion that I can't devote as much time as would be needed to keep running Imagine a World. And that time would be better served getting the copious amount of work I've been getting done. I'll be posting a few more things for tours that I have already scheduled and I'll be hanging around the reviewing world but I'll be on the sidelines instead.

As a side note, should anyone like to take over running Imagine a World, feel free to contact me at I'm very fond of this blog and I would love to see it continue to run even after I leave it. Whoever takes over running Imagine a World would also be able to use the Netgalley and Edelweiss accounts associated with it. If anyone's interested, let me know.

To my followers, thank you for sticking with me. I'm sad to go but I think it's the right decision for me. Best wishes to you all :)


  1. Oh no... You probably don't remember but you were the first person to follow my blog back when I started it last July so I just want to say thank you!! I'm sad to see you leave but good luck with everything Farrah!!

  2. oh this makes me so sad!! I understand how crazy life can get though. Good luck with your move! I have really enjoyed sharing thoughts on books over the years!!

  3. Oh, I'm sorry to see you go but realize life does get in the way sometimes. I hope someone takes it over for you.

  4. Oh No! I'll miss your posts and reviews, Farrah!! I do understand.