Monday, April 6, 2015

The Lady Dauntless by Elizabeth Cole Review

The Lady Dauntless (Secrets of the Zodiac Book 4)
Release date: February 22, 2015
Publisher: Sky Spark Books
Genre: Historical (Regency) Romantic Suspense
Series: Secrets of the Zodiac #4

The fourth novel in the Secrets of the Zodiac, a series of full-length historical romance novels, features darker, sexier storylines, complex characters, and international intrigue, set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars.

A fiery lady, a devilish smuggler, and a cargo nations would kill for...

Gemma Harrington leads a wild, unconventional life among con men and smugglers. She can ride and shoot as well as any man, but she wants to escape the world she's caught in for something better. Then a mysterious gentleman shows up with a daring proposal. If Gemma helps him infiltrate a smuggling ring, he'll take her anywhere his ship can sail. Captivated, she agrees to his dangerous plan.

With slightly shady ancestors and a far away upbringing, Logan Hartley isn't the typical hero, and that makes him an excellent spy. Logan had to fight for everything he ever wanted: his own ship, his place in Zodiac, and the approval of his peers. Now he wants Gemma--but he has to stay alive long enough to win her.

As Gemma and Logan follow the trail of a strange criminal, they become targets in a much deadlier game when they uncover a secret that governments would kill for. To expose the truth, they will defy convention and break the rules. And they have to act fast, because their enemies are much closer than they imagine...

My Rating: 4 Roses

With thrills and romance, The Lady Dauntless was a fantastic historical romance. I really enjoyed reading it.

Gemma was a great heroine. Clever and strong-willed, she went after what she wanted. My only issue with her was that she had a moment where all those admirable qualities went out the window and she did something both stupid and out of character. But, otherwise, I liked her.

Logan was also good. He was very smart and skilled but he could also be sweet. Once he fell in love, there was nothing that would stop him from winning over the woman he loved. I liked him as well.

The romance was lovely. Gemma and Logan were a match for each other and rather sweet together.

The plot moved quickly and kept me hooked. I did suspect how things were going to go, so there wasn't much in terms of surprises, but there were still plenty of thrills. I liked the story and the ending was great.

The Lady Dauntless was a lovely historical romance that I liked. Romance lovers, this is a book worth checking out.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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