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The Replaced by @kimberlyderting Review @harperteen

The Replaced (The Taking #2)
Release date: April 28, 2015
Publisher: Harper Teen
Genre: YA Sci-Fi/Romance
Series: The Taking #2

Romantic and action-packed, The Replaced is the gripping second installment in the Taking trilogy.

Kyra hasn't been the same since she returned from her mysterious five-year disappearance. Now, on the run from the NSA, Kyra is forced to hide out with others who, like her, have been Returned. Yet she is determined to find Tyler, the boy she loves who was also abducted—all because of her. When her group intercepts a message that Tyler might still be alive but is in the hands of a shadowy government organization that experiments on the Returned, Kyra knows it's a risk to go after him. What if it's a trap? And worse, what if the returned Tyler isn't the same boy she lost?

Perfect for fans of The Fifth Wave and the Body Finder series, The Replaced is both chilling and explosive, with creepy, otherworldly elements and twisty, psychological thrills that will have you questioning what exactly it means to be human.

My Rating: 5 Roses

A truly excellent sequel that was full of even more action and secrets than the first, The Replaced was a fantastic YA read. From the twists, to the game-changing revelations, this book was great and I absolutely loved it.

Kyra continued to prove herself as a strong character. She was resilient, determined, and unwilling to leave anyone she considered a friend behind. Despite her difficult circumstances, she also still found in within herself to be kind and compassionate. I really liked her in book 1 and I still liked her in this one.

Tyler wasn't in this book as much, having been separated from Kyra after he was Returned. When we did see him again, it was certainly a surprise, considering where (and how) he ended up. But, despite the situation, he was still the adorably sweet guy we know and love and I hope for the best with him.

Simon took a bigger role in this book, becoming a third member of a love triangle. Or, at least, that's what he wanted. Kyra was unwilling to let go of Tyler, so it was more of a potential love triangle. We got to know him more and what I saw made me rather fond of him. Regardless of what happens, I hope that he gets a happy ending.

The romance was well done. I didn't feel annoyed with the maybe-love triangle, which is really an accomplishment considering how quickly I get frustrated with those. But, with everything that happened, things seem to be shaky in that arena, so we'll see how it goes in the next book.

The plot was fast paced and kept me hooked all the way through. The secrets, twists, and revelations in this book were brilliant, changing the game and keeping me on the edge of my seat. I absolutely loved the story and the ending has me anxious to find out what will happen next. Can't wait for book 3!

The Replaced was an absolutely wonderful YA read that I really loved. It was a perfect sequel and a positively thrilling read. Fans of book 1, you won't be disappointed.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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