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Her Highland Fling Book Tour: Review + Excerpt + Giveaway! @avonbooks @AvonImpulse @jenmcqwrites

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Welcome to my post for the Her Highland Fling book tour! I have a review coming up, as well as an excerpt and a giveaway for a $25 gift card and a copy of What Happens in Scotland. But, first, allow me to introduce the book:

Her Highland Fling: A Novella
Release date: January 27, 2015
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Genre: Historical (Highlander/Victorian) Romance

Let the Games Begin …

William MacKenzie has always been protective of his Scottish village. When Moraig's economy falters, he has the perfect solution to lure wealthy Londoners to this tiny hamlet: resurrect the ancient Highland Games! But for this to work, William knows he needs a reporter to showcase the town in just the right light.

A female journalist might be a tolerated oddity in Brighton, but newly minted reporter Penelope Tolbertson is discovering that finding respect in London is a far more difficult prospect. After receiving an invitation to cover Moraig's Highland Games, Penelope is determined to prove to her London editors just how valuable she can be.

Penelope instantly captures William's heart, but she is none too impressed with the gruff, broody Highlander; however, as she begins to understand his plans, Penelope discovers she may want more from him than just a story. She's only got a few days … but maybe a few days are all they need.

My Rating: 5 Roses

A truly sweet and delightful read, Her Highland Fling was simply wonderful. It was a charming, enjoyable read and I thought it was fantastic.

I really liked both of the main characters in this novella. Penelope was smart and determined to make her way in the world without having to rely on someone else. But, she also realized that she could do the same with someone there to encourage her along the way. William was just adorable. He was very smart, very devoted to the people of his village, and determined to take care of them in any way he could. And, he also had moments where he was struck into a bumbling fool because he was nervous around Penelope, which I thought was adorable. I thought both characters were wonderful.

The romance was lovely. Penelope and William were great together. They had a thing for each other from the moment they met and it quickly turned into something more. They definitely had chemistry as well and both of them were totally unapologetic about how much they lusted after each other. Both sweet and steamy, their romance was great.

The plot moved quickly and had me hooked from page 1. This book was genuinely fun to read, a sweet, entertaining novella if I ever read one. I really liked the story and I thought the ending was just perfect.

Her Highland Fling was a truly excellent historical romance novella that I absolutely loved. With its sweet romance, engaging characters, and delightful romance, this book was a winner. Romance lovers, you won't want to miss this one.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

“You’re late.” William scowled. “Were there any problems fetching the chap from Inverness?” He was anxious to greet the reporter, get the man properly situated in the Blue Gander, and then go home to change into something less . . . Scottish. And, God, knew he could also use a pint or three, though preferably ones not raised at his expense.

Mr. Jeffers pushed the brim of his hat up an inch and scratched his head. “Well, see, here’s the thing. I dinna exactly fetch a chap, as it were.”

This time, William couldn’t suppress the growl that erupted from his throat. “Mr. Jeffers, don’t tell me you left him there!” It would be a nightmare if he had. The entire thing had been carefully orchestrated, down to a reservation for the best room the Blue Gander had to offer. The goal had been to install the reporter safely in Moraig and show him a taste of the town’s charms before the games commenced on Saturday.

“Well, I . . . that is . . .” Mr. Jeffers’s gaze swung between the brothers, and he finally shrugged. “Well, I suppose you’ll see well enough for yourself.”

He turned the handle and then swung the coach door open.

A gloved hand clasped Mr. Jeffers’s palm, and then a high, elegant boot flashed into sight.

“What in the blazes—” William choked on his surprise as a blond head tipped into view. A body soon followed, stepping down in a froth of blue skirts. She dropped Jeffers’s hand and looked around with bright interest.

“Your chap’s a lass,” explained a bemused Mr. Jeffers.

“A lass?” echoed William stupidly.

And not only a lass . . . a very pretty lass.

She smiled at the men, and it was like the sun cresting over the hills that rimmed Loch Moraig, warming all who were fortunate enough to fall in its path. William was suddenly and inexplicably consumed by the desire to recite poetry to the sound of twittering birds. That alone might have been manageable, but as her eyes met his, he was also consumed by an unfortunate jolt of lustful awareness that left every inch of him unscathed—and there were quite a few inches to cover.

“Miss Penelope Tolbertson,” she said, extending her gloved hand as though she were a man. “R-reporter for the London

He stared at her hand unsure of whether to shake it or kiss it. Her manners might be bold, but her voice was like butter, flowing over a body until it didn’t know which end was up. His tongue seemed wrapped in cotton, muffling even the merest hope for a proper greeting.

The reporter was female?

And not only female . . . a veritable goddess, with eyes the color of a fair Highland sky.

Dimly, he felt James’s elbow connect with his ribs. He knew he needed to say something. Preferably something that made the ripping first impression he’d planned.

He raised his eyes to meet hers, giving himself up to the sense of falling.

Or perhaps more aptly put, a sense of flailing.

“W-welcome to Moraig, Miss Tolbertson.”
Up for grabs is a $25 gift card and a copy of What Happens in Scotland.
Good luck!

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About the Author:
A veterinarian and infectious disease researcher by training, Jennifer McQuiston has always preferred reading romance to scientific textbooks. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, their two girls, and an odd assortment of pets, including the pony she promised her children if mommy ever got a book deal. Jennifer can be reached via her website at or followed on Twitter @jenmcqwrites.


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  5. Oh, this review was downright fun to read and jives with what I've been feeling about the novella from all the blurb and excerpt I've read. Jennifer does this kind of romance delightfully and I'm going to enjoy this when I read it...I just know it! Thanks for the post.