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If the Viscount Falls by @SabrinaJeffries Review @Pocket_Books

If the Viscount Falls (The Duke's Men, #4)
Release date: January 27, 2015
Publisher: Pocket Books
Genre: Historical (Regency) Romance
Series: The Duke's Men #4

The heir presumptive to the Viscount Rathmoor, Dominick Manton once had his heart’s desire within reach—a bright future as a barrister and engagement to Jane Vernon, a wealthy baron’s daughter. Then a shattering betrayal by his vindictive brother George snatched away Dom’s inheritance and his hopes of offering Jane a secure future. Brokenhearted, and attempting to end their engagement without destroying Jane’s reputation, Dom staged a betrayal of his own to convince her that he’s not the husband-to-be that she thought.

Now George is gone and the viscountcy restored to Dom, since his brother’s widow, Nancy—Jane’s cousin and closest confidant—never bore an heir. But when Nancy goes missing, a panicked Jane calls on her former fiancĂ© to track down her cousin. Dom knows the mistakes of the past may be unforgiveable—but now, entangled together in mystery and danger, will they rekindle a passionate longing that was never lost to begin with?

My Rating: 5 Roses

I really liked If the Viscount Falls. It was another wonderful book in an already fantastic series. With sweet romance, a few secrets, and plenty of thrills along the way, this book was lovely and I really enjoyed reading it.

Jane was a likable heroine. The one thing she wanted in a marriage was a man who would trust her enough to treat her as an equal. And, when Dom didn't trust her to be able to handle the difficult life she would have had as the wife of a runner, it led to 12 years of resentment and frustration. And, she let him know that. She didn't let him off the hook for forcing their separation but she also knew when it was time to forgive and move to the future. For that wisdom, I really liked her.

Dom was also great. Staging a betrayal might have seemed like a stupid thing to do, but there was much more to it than just that. He had lost everything for supporting his illegitimate siblings, was facing a life of struggle, and was worried that he wouldn't be enough to make up for the hardships that Jane would have had to endure. Beyond that, he was an honorable and immensely clever man who would do anything to protect his loved ones. I thought he was adorable.

The romance was lovely. I liked how if moved from Jane and Dom reuniting and learning to trust each other again to them realizing that their feelings were a long way from gone and still growing. They were a sweet couple that also had some chemistry and I thought they were great together.

The plot moved quickly and kept me hooked all the way through. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely.

If the Viscount Falls was a delightful historical romance that I really liked. It was sweet, with a bit of spicy, and had just enough secrets and thrills to keep things interesting. Romance lovers, this is a book you won't want to miss.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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