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It Takes a Spy Book Tour: Review + Excerpt + Giveaway!

Tour It Takes a Spy by Sheridan Jeane
Welcome to my post for the It Takes a Spy book tour! I have a review coming up, as well as an excerpt and a giveaway for copies of It Takes a Spy. But, first, allow me to introduce the book:

Cover It Takes a Spy by Sheridan Jeane
Release date: November 1, 2014
Genre: Historical (Victorian) Romance
Series: Secrets and Seduction #1

In 1851, Cecilia Paring has serious reservations about marrying her fiancé, Devin Montlake. Gone is the boy who could capture her heart with a word or a glance and in his place is a man who has made it clear that to be a proper barrister's wife, the exciting and impulsive Cecilia must change as well.

Although Devin Montlake loves his orderly life as a barrister, he's determined to follow his roadmap to achieve his goal of becoming a judge. His biggest obstacle seems to be convincing his headstrong fiancée to fulfill her social obligations with a modicum of propriety.

But when the jewelry collection belonging to Cecilia's family is stolen the night before it is to be auctioned off and Devin is framed for the crime, he discovers that following his much-loved rules won't solve this particular problem. He'll need the inventiveness of his irrepressible fiancée to catch the thief.

My Rating: 4 Roses

A quick, enjoyable historical romance novella, It Takes a Spy was a fun read. With an engaging mystery and a sweet romance, this was a lovely read.

Cecilia was a lively heroine. Clever and compassionate, she was definitely likable. Devin was sweet, capable, and devoted to Cecilia above all else. I thought they were both wonderful character.

The romance was sweet. Cecilia and Devin already loved each other. Their adventures throughout the book reinforced their feelings for each other and proved that they were perfectly matched.

The plot moved quickly, with a few thrills along the way as Cecilia and Devin tried to find the read thief. I enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely.

It Takes a Spy was a wonderful historical romance novella that I really enjoyed. Romance lovers, if you want a quick read, then this is your book.

*I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review

As she watched him, he rubbed his hand through his dark hair, making it stand on end. The disheveled look seemed to suit his mood. She was tempted to move closer and try to soothe him, but she was afraid of spooking the man. Right now, he reminded her of a cornered tomcat, bristling with fury and ready to fight.

How would she ever convince him not to fight, but to flee?

“It’s obvious that someone wanted to make you a suspect. It certainly worked. No one is trying to find the real thief. They’re all searching for you.” She paced the floor, tugging fretfully at her lower lip as she tried to find a solution. “The hotel is swarming with policemen. You’ll never be able to slip past them all without being caught. I think you should hide here until they’re gone.”

“Hide? I can’t simply hide. If I’m the only person they’re searching for, the thief will escape. I can’t sit by and allow that to happen.”

“I don’t see that you have a choice. They won’t believe you if you protest.”

Devin pressed his lips together in a thin line. “Then I’ll have to find him myself.”

Cecilia’s mouth fell open. “How can you possibly do that? You’re trapped in a hotel with all of London searching for you.”

“I’ll have to escape.” He moved toward the window, his gaze intent.

At least he’d said “escape.” That was a big step in the right direction, and she was glad Devin ad been the first to mention it. Thank goodness he wasn’t talking about confronting the police and trying to convince them of his innocence anymore. Cecilia moved closer to him and peered out the window to the ground four floors below. “You can’t leave that way. We’re much too high. You’ll have to sneak out.”

“Sneak out?” He scrubbed his hand over his face. “That isn’t a gentlemanly solution.”

“Being arrested for theft isn’t gentlemanly either.” She gave him a lopsided smile in an attempt to soften her words. “I think it’s the lesser of two evils.”
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About the Author:
Sheridan Jeane writes exciting and emotion-packed historical romances set in the Victorian Era that confront issues of trust and conformity.

With the advent of the industrial age, life was changing. Many people tried to hold on to the old ways of life while others embraced the new opportunities open to them.

Join Sheridan as she explores the clash between the old and the new.

Sheridan has always loved books, history, and stories about amazing people who blaze new trails.

Despite naming their daughter Sheridan because they thought it might someday look great on the cover of a book, Sheridan's parents urged her in a more practical direction for college. Sheridan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in English.

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