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Foresworn Book Tour: Review + Excerpt + Giveaway! @HarlequinTEEN @RindaElliott

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Welcome to my post for the Foresworn book tour! I have a review coming up, as well as an excerpt and a giveaway for a full set of the series. But, first, allow me to introduce the book:

Release date: December 2, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Series: Sisters of Fate #3

It is written that three Sisters of Fate have the power to change the world’s destiny.

But only if they survive…

Kat Lockwood grew up listening to her unhinged mother’s stories about the Norse goddess souls she and her triplet sisters carry, about fiery deaths and a prophecy foretelling the world’s end. Now, to save that world, Kat must find a guy who hosts the soul of a Norse god–a warrior with the lightest blond hair and the darkest brown eyes.

But at a truck stop on her road trip, Kat freezes time while she writes out a cryptic message in runes. The only other person able to see this happen? A gorgeous guy with the lightest blond hair and the darkest brown eyes.

Kat’s not convinced peaceful Arun is the future warrior who will turn the tide in the final battle. Yet, Arun turns out to be a lot tougher than he seems. As soul-carrying teens and underworld creatures gather over the world’s deadliest volcano, Kat finds that no one, including her sisters and mother, is exactly who she thought they were….

Sisters of Fate

The prophecy doesn’t lie: one is doomed to die.

My Rating: 4 Roses

A perfect conclusion to a lovely series, Foresworn was a fantastic YA read. Packed full of thrills and suspense, as well as some sweet romance, this book was wonderful and I really liked it.

Kat was a great heroine. Where Raven was calm and collected and Coral was kind and sweet, Kat was fiery and determined. She was protective over her sisters and definitely a force to be reckoned with.

On a side note, I really liked that we got to see all three sisters together in this book. I've wanted to see how they acted together and how powerful they could be when they joined forces and that's what I got. It was great to see Raven and Coral again, as well as the super adorable Vanir and Taran. That, by itself, really made the book for me.

Now, on to Arun. As with the other two boys, he was just darling. Strong, but also sweet and definitely adorable. I didn't feel like I got to know him as much as I did Vanir and Taran, but I still really liked him.

The romance was very sweet. They were opposites in temperament and that worked for them. Kat would get all up in a huff and Arun would just calmly bring her out of it. I thought they were great together. And, it was so sweet seeing how Raven and Coral's relationships were playing out with their cuties. I especially loved seeing how all three of the romances were working out in the epilogue.

The plot moved quickly and kept me engaged all the way through. There were plenty of thrills along the way, as well as a few surprises, and some unexpected twists. I really liked the story and the ending was both perfect and agonizing. It wrapped up the triplets' story, but it left an ominous tone that has me wondering.

Foresworn was a really wonderful YA read that I loved. It was a fantastic conclusion to a series that I really like and it had everything that made the previous two books so good. Fans of the series, you won't be disappointed with this ending. And, YA lovers, this is a series you'll definitely want to check out. 

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

“Call me later. At this number. Let me know you’re okay.”

“I will.” Other people in the parking lot were stopping, rubbing their ears. “Hey, Raven? Be safe, okay?”

“You, too, Kat.”

The sadness in my sister’s voice cut into me.

Arun came around his truck. “It feels like the world is muffled.”

I nodded because that’s exactly how it felt. Like someone had plugged my ears so all the sound around me came at a different decibel. It was so strange. Like even my nose had been stuffed with cotton balls.

“Come on,” he said. “Maybe it’s better inside the store.”

But the closer we walked toward the store, the quieter it got.

I walked around a set of shopping carts, noticed that even the sounds in the air—the cars, birds and snow—seemed to disappear. To test my theory, I went back and walked on the other side of the carts. Sound got louder.

I took Arun’s hand and pulled him back to walk him on either side of the carts to show him. He stared to our left.

“Someone yelled over there earlier. Let’s head that way.” He pointed toward the fast-food restaurant at the front of the store’s parking lot. There was a lake beyond the restaurant, and I looked around and realized this was near the place I’d pulled over to talk to Raven yesterday morning. It was hard to believe everything that had happened since then.

We walked closer to the lake. Snow fell hard and fast, coating the trees, the ground. Some even floated on top of the water. A group of blackbirds gathered overhead and I heard the distant sound of their cries.

But they were right over our heads.

They should have been so loud.

After we stepped off the pavement and onto the grass, everything sort of just stopped. I stepped to the right and again heard the cries of the blackbirds above us. Barely. Arun touched my arm and I looked at him. He held up a finger in the universal “wait” signal. Frowning, he took another step to the right, stopped, then moved left. His dark eyes went wide and he gestured for me to follow.

I stepped to the left and even the sounds from the birds disappeared.

At this point, all I heard was the fast pound of my own heartbeat. And it raced, raced, raced because everything in me at this point was screaming for me to start walking backward. Back into the parking lot, back to the truck. As fast as humanly possible.

But another part of me wanted to keep going left so I could see why the noise seemed to be sucked out of the atmosphere with every step.

So I took another.

This time, even my heartbeat stopped sounding in my ears.

There was complete and total silence and nothing in my entire weird, crazy life had ever sent this sort of terror singing through my veins. It moved so fast and hard, I half expected to hear it swimming through my body.

I closed my eyes, tried to wrestle back the fear and felt Arun take my hand.

I stared at his hand, then looked up at him, expecting to find one of his kind smiles as he offered me comfort. But he wasn’t looking at me. His eyes were narrow and directed to a group of drooping snow-covered trees right next to the water.

In that moment, something in my chest—this knot that had made everything feel tight and full—sort of loosened up.

Warmth flowed through me, and I tightened my fingers around his. His expression, when he looked down at me, turned that warmth into something I hadn’t felt since that night I’d taken another boy’s hand and followed him into the woods.



Arun tilted his head left, wanting me to go with him.

I nodded but tugged on his hand first.

He bent close but shook his head. I knew he was telling me he wouldn’t be able to hear me, but I hadn’t planned to say anything. Instead, I stretched up and pressed my lips to his.

He smiled against my mouth, then kissed me back. When I pulled away, there was something new in his gaze as he stared at me, something thoughtful. And something kind of hot.

Answering heat crept up my neck, and I guess he could see it because he grinned and touched my cheek.

Brigg’s face appeared right next to ours and he rolled his eyes.

I rolled my eyes back, then glared at him.

He laughed silently, his smile fading fast as he pointed.
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