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Celine Book Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway!

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Welcome to my post for the Celine book tour! I have an excerpt coming up, as well as a giveaway for copies of Celine. But, first, allow me to introduce the book:

Release date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Kensington/Zebra
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: When Hearts Dare #1

He stepped off a jewel of a sternwheeler onto one of the most beautiful plantations in all of Louisiana. And into her life.

Celine’s breath caught in her throat. Heat smoldered in her belly. What a sensual man. The scion of the Andrews family carried an aura of personal magnetism so powerful, a sensation close to fright swept through her. She stood still and aloof, masking her emotions. His intense gaze seemed almost a physical touch. She held her head at a proud, haughty angle, not flinching from his bold scrutiny.

In seconds, Trevor regained his cool, casual air. A lusty grin caught at the corners of his mouth, and fire danced in his eyes as he bent ever so slightly at the waist, tipped an imaginary hat, and strode casually into the house.

She would never be the same...

From Plantation era New Orleans to the untamed American West, here is the sweeping, unforgettable tale of a headstrong young beauty and the man she is destined to love.


Celine stood and made her excuses to leave. “Oh, and thank you for the perfume, Justin. I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect scent. You do know me well, don’t you?”

You know me well? He gives her perfume? A chill ran through Trevor. What the hell was going on between these two?

Good God, was he reading things right? He’d never remotely considered the idea that his father might remarry, especially to someone so young. But Uncle Miles had – not to one as young as this, but certainly much younger than his first wife. No wonder Celine fussed over Lindsey and Felicite. Mon Dieu, if she hadn’t wormed her way into their good graces. And here he’d entertained thoughts of...oh, hell.

“I’m going to dismiss myself, too,” he said. “Allow me to see you to your room, Mrs. Kirkland.” He walked past his father and lightly touched Celine’s elbow, guiding her gently from the room and up the stairs in silence.

“Cozy little scene you were playing back there with my father,” he growled as they approached her bedchamber.

Celine whirled around, her back against the door. “What do you mean by that remark?”

“Perhaps I should be asking you that question. Just what do you have in mind, working your way into my family the way you have? Lindsey this, Felicite that, and, oh, Justin,” Trevor mocked her. “Are you in the market to become the next Mrs. Justin Andrews?”

She raised her hand to strike him. He caught her wrist.

Emerald eyes blazed dangerously through narrow slits.

“Why, you –“

“Bastard?” Trevor lifted an eyebrow. “Why don’t you say it? Everyone else does.” His grip tightened on her thin wrist. Her rapid pulse coursed through him. Despite his anger, he couldn’t seem to release her.

“Let me go,” she demanded in a wintry voice.

Trevor’s grip tightened in response. He stared down at her saying nothing and fighting a terrible urge to kiss her. What the hell was wrong with him? His gut churned at the idea of desiring someone his father was interested in.

“Apparently you do not know your father very well,” she retorted. “You have no idea what he has done for me. He has been gracious enough to allow me to live here during my mourning period, which is now over. He has arranged for several social functions this month, which will allow me to feel comfortable in society again. Also, he has arranged for the sale of my property, which will be final in month and which will provide me the finds to live out my days in peace. Alone.”

Christ, he had things all wrong. He opened his mouth to apologize, but she cut him off.

“You’re father knew my husband’s parents before they were deceased. He took me in, a near stranger, because I had no one to turn to after I was widowed and in no position to run a small plantation alone. I will soon leave here, as has been my plan all along. Most likely I will never see your father again. He and I share a friendship that will last forever in our hearts, no matter how many miles separate us. But I doubt you would understand a simple camaraderie between two people of opposite genders. From what I hear, and have observed, all you are able to perceive in a woman is a night’s shallow pleasure. I should feel sorry for you, but instead I find you despicable.”

Despite her cutting words, relief flooded his chest, followed by a spike of guilt. “I beg your pardon, I misunderstood.”
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About the Author:
Kathleen Bittner Roth
Born in Minnesota, Kathleen Bittner Roth has lived all over the U.S.: Idaho, Washington, California, Texas and New York. Currently, she resides in Budapest, Hungary, often called the Paris of the East. Kathleen has won countless awards for her writing, including finaling in RWA's prestigious Golden Heart contest. She is an active member of Romance Writers of America, including the Hearts Through History chapter and has been a contributing editor for an online romance magazine as well as writing and producing successful seminars and meditation CDs.

You can learn more about Kathleen and her books at

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