Monday, September 1, 2014

A Woman of Honour Book Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway!

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Welcome to my post for the A Woman of Honour book tour! I have an excerpt coming up, as well as a giveaway for a $25 gift card. But, first, allow me to introduce the book:

Release date: August 27, 2014
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Duncan Campbell wakes to discover he is imprisoned with a woman in his enemy's dungeon in the Highlands of Scotland. The disenchanted warrior hopes his last few moments on earth will be spent in the arms of the sweet-voiced Isabel. If only she will cooperate.

Isabel Douglas has no intention of obliging the crude captive. The penniless noblewoman considers herself too tall and thin to be desirable. She intends to become a nun. But first, disguised as a boy, she must deliver an important letter to Scotland's hero in hiding, King Robert the Bruce.

Together, the pair make a daring escape that plunges them into the bleak countryside in the middle of winter. In the struggle to survive, they learn the true strength of their feelings for each other. But when Duncan's animosity towards the king becomes evident, Isabel must decide between her heart and her country.


Duncan Campbell drifted into consciousness and opened his eyes to absolute blackness. He lay perfectly still on the cold, dirt floor listening. A small rustle of fabric echoed in the darkness. He cocked his head, getting a sense of the sound’s location, then rose to his feet.

“Tell me who you are before I tear you apart,” he roared, seizing his opponent. Whoever it was didn’t answer, just silence. A fist punched him on the nose. Pain ricocheted through him, and he grabbed his face. In the dark, he lost his balance and fell in the dirt, cradling his head in his hands.

“Oh my, are you all right?” asked a small voice.

“No, I’m not.”

“You threatened me, and I wanted to give you fair warning I will fight back if you touch me.”

The lyrical voice stunned him. A woman? She spoke Gaelic with a strong, lowland accent. He shook off the pain and asked, “Where am I?”

“Dunstaffnage Castle. Don’t you remember your capture? I’ve heard of people getting a bump on the head and not remembering their own name. Is that what happened to you? Did you bump your head?”

Lord, she was talkative.

“Is it?”

“I remember I was hit from behind scouting the bast....Are we in the dungeon?” He rose to his feet.


He grunted. On the bright side he hadn’t gone blind. On the other hand they were in a dank, windowless cell with no hope of escape. There wasn’t even a sliver of light coming through the door.
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Good luck!

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About the Author:

After being thrown out of England for refusing to drink tea, Marlow Kelly made her way to Canada where she found love, a home and a pug named Max. She also discovered her love of storytelling. Encouraged by her husband, children and let’s not forget Max, she started putting her ideas to paper. Her need to write about strong women in crisis drives her stories and her curiosity regarding the lives and loves of historical figures are the inspiration for her characters.


  1. A fantastic story line.

  2. Thank you for the excerpt i enjoyed it and now I want to know how they get out of the dungeon lol

  3. A woman of honour sounds great I liked the blurb.

  4. Farrah, thank you for having me as a guest on your blog

  5. Hi Mary,
    I'm glad you like it

  6. Stacey,
    For me that was one of the most fun scenes in the book. I hope you like it too.

  7. Laura,
    I'm glad you liked it.

  8. Isabel sounds like quite a lady!

  9. Great excerpt. Sounds like a story I will enjoy.

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  11. I'm glad you like it, Amie

  12. Great excerpt! I love stories set in the Highlands!

  13. Thanks Anita, yes there's something about those mountains and the people of the Highlands that just fire the imagination

  14. Great excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. You're welcome, Danielle

  16. I like that her punch was very effective.

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