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Trapped at the Altar by Jane Feather

Trapped at the Altar
Release date: July 22, 2014
Publisher: Pocket Books
Genre: Historical (Regency) Romance

New York Times bestselling author and "consummate storyteller" (Romantic Times) Jane Feather introduces a sizzling new series that moves from the remote wilds of southwest England to the turbulent royal court, when a lovely young woman is forced into marriage in order to unite two families—and discovers a most unexpected passion. . .

Ariadne Carfax has vowed to be with the man she loves, Gabriel Fawcett. There’s just one obstacle. On his deathbed, Ari’s grandfather decrees that she marry her childhood friend Ivor Chalfont, thus forging a powerful alliance between the two warring families. Giving Ari no time to protest, the elders plan her wedding the next day, forcing her to follow through on the nuptials. Though she is fond of Ivor, Ari has no intention of consummating their marriage—until he kindles an intoxicating desire that she can’t ignore. Ivor has loved Ari for years, but he doesn’t want an unwilling wife. He wants Ari to ache with the same irresistible longing he feels. And if that’s the way to woo her into his bed and into their new life, he won’t rest until his new bride surrenders to true love.

My Rating: 2 Roses

A mostly enjoyable read, Trapped at the Altar was a good historical romance. I could easily have loved this book, but for one issue. And, unfortunately, that issue ruined the book for me. But, overall, it was an okay read.

I didn't like her. At all. I usually appreciate a heroine that is strong and knows her own mind, but, in this case, it made her unlikable. For me, the bad things started to pile up near the beginning, when she wanted to continue on with her lover after she was married. Then, I didn't like that she was mean-spirited to Ivor. Didn't those previous years of friendship mean anything? Then, the switch between loving Gabriel and loving Ivor happened way to quickly, in a way that made her seem shallow. Then, she abused Gabriel's trust, keeping very important things from him, even though she knew his trust was given carefully. And, just in general, she came off as selfish. There's really no sugar-coating it. I didn't like her. I thought both Ivor and Gabriel (who was actually very sweet and adorable) deserved better.

Now, Ivor was much better. I totally adored him. He was very sweet and much more forgiving and patient than most would expect him to be. I thought wonderful.

The romance was okay. Since I didn't like Ari, I wasn't feeling any of the sweetness. But, I will say that the heat level was steamy and that part of their relationship was well done.

The plot was well paced and I was kept interested the entire way through. The thing about this book is that I really liked the writing style and the story itself and most of the character. If it hadn't been for Ari, I probably would have loved this book, so, I would still go for this author.

Trapped at the Altar was a good historical romance. I enjoyed it, though I didn't particularly love it, and it was an overall good read. I don't think I would outright recommend it, but it might be worth looking up.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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