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Bloomsbury Spark Six Month Sparkiversary + Giveaway!

Welcome to my post for the Bloomsbury Spark Six Month Sparkiversary! To celebrate the occasion, I have an excerpt from one of the books, as well as a giveaway for a Kindle Paperwhite preloaded with the Bloomsbury Spark titles. But, before we get to all that, allow me to introduce the books:

Links for the books:

Until We End     Secret of Isobel Key     Her Secret Inheritance     Pride’s Run
Bloomsbury         Bloomsbury                  Bloomsbury                       Bloomsbury
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Positively Mine   The Art of Falling     My Soon­To­Be­Sex Life        The Sound of Us
Bloomsbury         Bloomsbury                Bloomsbury                         Bloomsbury
Amazon               Amazon                     Nook                                  Amazon
Nook                    Nook                                                                    Nook
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Road to Somewhere   Beyond Our Stars   MapMaker’s Daughter   Deliver Me:
Bloomsbury                 Bloomsbury            Bloomsbury                      Bloomsbury
Amazon                      Amazon                  Amazon                            Amazon
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From The Art of Falling by Jenny Kaczorowski

Ben sat down on the ramp up to a guard tower. The light over the door traced theperfectly balanced proportions of his profile and shone in his close­cropped hair. He had the kind of strong, chiseled face that made her wish she were a sculptor instead of a painter.

“Sorry my sister is such a pain in the ass,” he said.

“Hey, that’s my best friend you’re talking about.” She settled beside him.

“Yes and I’ve been stuck in the same class as you two since kindergarten.”

“Another nine months and you’ll be free from us.”

He gave her a half laugh. “Don’t remind me.”

Bria shifted, leaning against the handrail. “Have you made a decision yet?”

“Not officially. I don’t sign until February, but I gave Oregon a verbal no last week.”

“Seriously? Abby said you had a full ride.”

He shrugged. “It didn’t feel right.”

“But Oregon is one of the best schools for football, right? Kind of seems like a big deal.”

Ben looked around the beach, still deserted save for a lone seagull, before his eyes settled on her. “I want there to be more to me than football, more than being that guy.”

She stilled, aware of her heart beating in her chest and the air filling her lungs. “Yeah. Yeah, I get that.”

“I don’t know.” He stretched out his long legs, gazing at the ocean. “I guess that’s why I’m out running after spending the entire day in practice. When I run, there’s no expectations, no demands. Just me and the sand and the sky and the surf.”

“I’m not exactly built for running,” she said, eyeing her figure, much too tall and all soft around the edges.

“You’re fine, Bria. Girls like Alyson Kane are the ones who aren’t built for running.”

Bria snorted. She’d give anything to squeeze into Alyson’s tiny cheerleading uniform. Her body just wouldn’t agree.

“So what about you?” Ben said. “Abby told me you visited some fancy art school in New York?”

“Oh. Yeah.” She looked down at her hands, picking at a fleck of paint clinging to her cuticle. “Pratt. I just have to get my application and portfolio in by November first for early decision, but admissions said I’m basically in if I want it.”

“Good for you. Wow. New York.”

“I know.”

He tapped his foot against hers. “Why don’t we do this anymore? Just hang out and talk.”

“Come on, Ben. It’s bad enough that you and Abby ended up in the same grade. You don’t need to feel bad for finding your own friends.”

“Abby says I’m not cool enough to hang out with you guys.”

Bria burst out laughing. Ben – star quarterback, perpetual crush, best smile in school –not cool enough? “The Queen of Cool herself is probably passed out drunk by now.”

“Hey. That’s my sister you’re talking about.”

“Sorry about that.” She bumped her arm against his, lingering a little longer than necessary. When she pulled away, something in his gaze made her hands fidget and her tongue trip over her words. “I mean, I love her, but you know...”

“Yeah. I know.” His laughter faded away, leaving something sweet and tender and totally unfunny in his eyes. He brushed his thumb along her cheekbone, the kind of simple, casual touch that made her insides turn to mush. “I’ve really missed you, Bria.”
Up for grabs is a Kindle Paperwhite pre-loaded with the titles listed below. Open INT.
Good luck!

1) The Sound of Us by Ashley Poston
2) The Art of Falling by Jenny Kaczorowski
3) The Secret of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel PLUS its sequel
4) Her Secret Inheritance
5) Positively Mine by Christine Duval
6) Deliver Me by Kate Jarvik Birch
7) Pride’s Run by Cat Kalen
8) Road to Somewhere by Jenny S. Morris and Kelley Lynn
9) Beyond Our Stars by Marie Langager
10) The Mapmaker’s Daughter by Caroline Dunford
11) Until We End by Frankie Brown
12) An ARC of My Soon-To-Be Sex Life by Judith Tewes

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About the Publisher:

Bloomsbury Spark is a one-of-a-kind, global, digital imprint from Bloomsbury Publishing dedicated to publishing a wide array of exciting fiction eBooks to teen, YA, and new adult readers.

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