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Under the Moon by Rose J. Bell

Under the Moon
Release date: March 10, 2014
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

After causing the accident that killed her father and two innocent people, Selena Johnson is left disfigured and without hope. Taking care of her sick mother and her brother, Selena tries to escape the reality.

Keenan Case thought that he was invincible, until one tragic night shattered his world. Left alone with his guilt, he does everything to become a better person.

Circumstances bring Selena and Keenan together. The moment Keenan sees Selena, he decides to pull her out of her shell. Selena tries to keep her distance while Keenan wants to know more about her.

Soon they begin to feel more for each other than friends should do. But will love bring them together or destroy their friendship?

My Rating: 4 Roses

A deeply emotional, romantic read, Under the Moon was a wonderful New Adult romance. I really liked this book. It had a shaky start, but it turned out to be a lovely read.

Selena was a good heroine. She was strong and determined, taking on the care of her schizophrenic mother and rebellious brother, all while struggling underneath some intense guilt. There were some points where she was a bit shrewish and, though I understood her attitude, it did get irritating after a while, especially when she kept pushing Keenan away. But, overall, I liked her.

Keenan was wonderful. He was very sweet, especially with Selena and his cousin, Grace. He was determined to win over Selena and he was so adorable about it. I really liked him.

The romance was lovely. Selena and Keenan were very sweet together and, though a certain someone was in denial about it, they were a perfect couple. And, for those who are interested, this is a clean romance, but there was still some chemistry between them. I thought they were great together.

Grace was Keenan's cousin and I really liked her character. She was fun, yet heartbreaking, and very likable. The other characters were great, too. Parker was tons of fun, Selena's mother was well portrayed, and her brothers created an interesting contrast in their reactions to their father's death. I thought they were all well done characters.

The plot was good. It took a while to start up but, when it did, I was kept interested. There were some issues with grammatical errors that were distracting and sometimes the language felt contrived and a bit cheesy. But, I still really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely.

Under the Moon was a wonderful New Adult romance. It was deep, emotional, romantic, and an enjoyable read. Romance lovers, this is a book worth checking out.

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

"Guilt is one of the painful companions of life, Selena. It only hinders our ability to move forward. It takes more from us than any other feelings. You need to accept your guilt and own it in order to be happy. Otherwise, it will destroy you." -Keenan

"These are questions you can't answer, Keenan. Some questions are meant to stay unanswered. Bad things happen all the time and they will continue to happen because at the end of out lives, there will be a reason as to why it all happened. You'll realize that these things you see as tragic are great opportunities to change your life, to grow into a better person." -Grace

"Beauty isn't just outer appearance. Beauty isn't just what your hair looks like, what your body looks like, how full your lips are, or how smooth your skin is. Beauty is so much more than what people think. What really makes you beautiful is your inner beauty, Selena. you shine with your attitude, with your actions, your words, and with your other behavior. Outer beauty only gets attention, but inner beauty captures the heart." - Keenan

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