Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Unlacing Lady Thea by Louise Allen

Unlacing Lady Thea
Release date: March 18, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Historical (Regency) Romance

A journey into pleasure...

The night before dissolute Lord Denham is about to embark on his grand tour, he meets an unexpected complication. In boy's clothes that barely conceal her delectable curves, his childhood friend Lady Althea Curtiss—desperate to escape an arranged marriage—arrives, demanding free passage!

Rhys accepts his unlikely traveling companion with great reluctance—the scandal is sure to blow up in his face—until he finds there is far more intimate territory Lady Thea is curious to explore. Soon he realizes that he is in danger of awakening not only Thea's sensuality, but also his own long-buried heart....

My Rating: 4 Roses

A sweet and lovely romance, Unlacing Lady Thea was a fantastic historical romance read. I really enjoyed this book, from beginning to end. It was just wonderful and I absolutely loved it!

Thea was a lovely heroine. After years of being quiet and meek, a forced betrothal was the last straw and she decided to take her life into her own hands. She was the kind of heroine that was strong in a quiet way. Not through obvious defiance and sass, but with her resilience through any situation she was put in. I really liked her. I thought she was a kind, quietly strong, and wonderful character.

Rhys was also great. He was very sweet and loyal to those he cared about. Beneath that shallow exterior of a rake, he was quite clever and strong. But, I frequently wanted to knock some sense into the blockhead. He was so blind to what was in front of him, which led to Thea getting hurt. He didn't just not see how Thea had grown from the girl he left behind, he was kind of derogatory about her when he had to remind himself that she was a plain woman who couldn't possibly evoke feelings in him. It bordered on being mean. That bothered me enough to affect my enjoyment of the book, so that's where I took off the rating. But, despite that, I still liked Rhys overall. When he finally saw the light, he was rather adorable.

The romance was good. Despite Rhys's stubbornness, it was obvious that these two were meant for each other, just in how they interacted. I thought that was sweet. And, the attraction between them was there from the moment they reunited. That let to some sensuous scenes. I thought they were perfect together.

The plot was fast paced and I was hooked the entire way through. I really enjoyed the story and I thought the ending was lovely.

Unlacing Lady Thea was a fantastic historical romance. I loved this book! It was a sweet romance that I really enjoyed. Romance lovers, you definitely need to check this book out. 

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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