Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fool Me Twice by Meredith Duran

Fool Me Twice (Rules for the Reckless, #2)
Release date: March 25,2014
Publisher: Pocket Books
Genre: Historical (Victorian) Romance
Series: Rules for the Reckless #2

Sensible and lonely, Olivia Mather survives by her wits—and her strict policy of avoiding trouble. But when she realizes that the Duke of Marwick might hold the secrets of her family’s past, she does the unthinkable, infiltrating his household as a maid. She’ll clean his study and rifle through his papers looking for information.

Alastair de Grey has a single reason to live: vengeance. More beautiful than Lucifer, twice as feared, and thrice as cunning, he’ll use any weapon to punish those who fooled and betrayed him—even an impertinent maid who doesn’t know her place. But the more fascinated he becomes with the uppity redhead, the more dangerous his carefully designed plot becomes. For the one contingency he forgot to plan for was falling in love…and he cannot survive being fooled again.

My Rating: 3.5 Roses

A wonderful romance, full of secrets, betrayals, and emotions. Fool Me Twice was a fantastic read. I really liked this book. It definitely managed to take me by surprise.

Olivia was a good heroine. She was very strong and survived in a difficult situation. And, when she cared about someone, she was fiercely loyal. I had a few issues with her, though. She was a bit shrewish at times, and came off as self-righteous more than once. It bothered me a little, but it was more of an annoyance that a deal-breaker. I still really liked her character.

Alastair was a wonderful hero. After being repeatedly betrayed by his wife, he shut himself away and became a hermit. He fell from his position of power in Parliament and stepped out of the public light. But, don't let that fool you. He was still strong-willed, clever, perceptive, and a force to be reckoned with. I had a couple of issues with him. Mainly that he could really be an ass sometimes. But, for the most part, I thought he was great and I adored him.

The romance was complicated, to say the least. In between how Olivia and Alastair felt for each other were lies, secrets, betrayals, and it definitely didn't make things easy. But, I thought it was sweet how, despite all that, they still fell for each other. And the sparks were flying between them constantly, whether they were arguing (again) or...something else...

The plot was well paced. I wasn't completely hooked, because there were a few parts where the plot slowed down, but I was kept interested the entire way through. There were tons of secrets that blew me away. They definitely took me by surprise and kept things interesting. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was great.

Fool Me Twice was a lovely historical romance. It wasn't perfect, but I really liked it. From the romance, to the secrets, this book was wonderful. Romance lovers, this is a book worth checking out.

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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