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Quicksilver Dreams Book Tour: Review + Excerpt + Giveaway!

Welcome to my post for the Quicksilver Dreams book tour! I have a review coming up, as well as an excerpt, and a giveaway for copies of Quicksilver Dreams. But, before we get to all that, allow me to introduce the book:

Quicksilver Dreams (Dreamwalkers, #1)
Release date: January 6, 2014
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Series: Dreamwalkers #1

My name is Taylor, and damn but my life changed overnight. One moment I was just a regular girl working two jobs to pay my bills, and next thing you know, I'm uncovering secret metal disks at my boss's house. Now I'm reading minds, dream-walking and being saved from bad guys by Mr. Dark and Brooding.

That would be Ryder Langston, my new next-door neighbor. He's sex on legs, but he's also a secret agent from another world—no joke. I believe him now, because he dragged me back here "for my protection" after he discovered someone was trying to assassinate me on Earth. It isn't working out so well.

There's a war going on, one that's been fought for generations. Ryder's having trust issues (not that it's stopping us from falling into bed), and it turns out I'm connected here, if you know what I mean. The target on my back finally makes sense, but there's nowhere left to hide…

My Rating: 3 Roses

A lovely New Adult sci-fi romance, Quicksilver Dreams was an enjoyable read. It wasn't perfect, but I still liked it.

Taylor and Ryder were both great characters. Taylor was strong and dealt with everything that was thrown at her when her world was turned upside down. And, she wasn't the type to let others walk all over her. Ryder was also good. Sometimes, I wanted to whack him upside the head for acting like an idiot, though mostly just at the beginning. But, for the most part, he was sweet and generally adorable. I wasn't particularly enamored with either of them, I just didn't get totally engaged with them, but I liked the just fine.

The romance was good. The chemistry between Taylor and Ryder was sizzling from the moment they met and it got hot. They were also sweet together. I thought they were a lovely couple.

The plot was okay. It dragged in some places, so I wasn't able to get totally hooked into the story. But, I was kept interested. There were secrets and thrills and store and a whole world (literally) of surprises. I enjoyed the story and the ending has me curious about what will happen next.

Quicksilver Dreams was a good New Adult romance. I didn't totally love it, but I liked it. Romance lovers, you might want to check this book out.

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review


Was this a dream?

Had I ever felt this lucid in a dream before?

I could feel the silky material around my eyes, on my wrists and ankles, softly sliding against my skin. With my body waking to sensual heat seeping through my veins, I only wanted to concentrate on what was happening in the moment, appreciate the swirl of masculine energy twining through the feminine threads of my own.

So good…

My dreams usually had a surreal, nondistinct, floating quality to them. This time, I actually felt a large, rough hand feathering over the skin on my rib cage, my flat stomach, agonizingly slow, avoiding obvious erogenous zones.

It was a hot, searing touch. It was like someone was actually there. Someone I wanted…

More… Like that… So good…

I could scent spicy soap that was subtle, yet distinctly male, arousing, and couldn’t help the feverish whispers of encouragement.

Oh, my God… Yes…

My sex dreams usually made me struggle with the frustration of a roller-coaster experience that never finished. I would ride a buildup of desire and a cool down, over and over, my imagination acting as a careless lover with wonderful intent but clumsy execution. This time there was no such neglect. The burn was exquisite, building and teasing, ebbing and flowing, but never forgetful and creating a fever that made me writhe with need.


Never had I ever felt this way before, chanting my demand, desperately wanting to reach the end of the ride.

Yes! Like that! Yes!

Sudden sensation poured over and through me, powerfully enough that I woke myself and sat up.

My breath was short and gasping. My body was quivery and oversensitized. I was covered with a fine sheen of sweat, and my sheet was twisted in carefree abandon around my naked body.

I half expected to find a man in front of me.

Rubbing my wrists as though the soft bindings were still tied to me, I glanced around my sparsely furnished bedroom and felt my body quake with a small, faint aftershock. I was alone. Nothing was disturbed. At the same time that I drew comfort from seeing that everything in my world was still in its place, a faint echo of grief, or disappointment, took the edge off my contentment, like I was missing something. I was solo after such an erotic experience.

What about the hand? Who was it attached to?

A part of me had to give a mental headshake of exasperation.

No men for you. At least not yet.

The inevitable weight of responsibility, like a bucket of ice water, reminded me that I needed to work and pay the bills. I had to make ends meet. There was no one who was going to help me.

Usually, I accepted this with a matter-of-factness, but this night, a spike of resentment reared its head.

What would it be like to be a normal girl who had time for frivolity?

I quashed the thought immediately, too tired to let it take root.

Why fight the wave? I just had to ride it.

Settling back on my pillow, I once again closed my eyes and let the languorous effects of postorgasmic lassitude steal over me. Strangely, as my mind once again stretched fingers toward my deep subconscious, the whisper of a gentle caress down my cheek didn’t frighten me.
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About the Author:
Danube Adele
Danube Adele wrote her first romance at the age of seven when she penned the story of her dogs falling in love and having puppies. She’s been dreaming up romantic tales ever since. A lifetime resident of southern California, she spends time playing at the beach, camping in Joshua Tree National Park, and hiking Mammoth Mountain.

Always a lover of adventure, she and her husband took their sons on a cross country road trip to Florida and back in an old VW Westfalia, that had no A/C, in the month of July, and still, it continues to be the best trip they ever took. Extensive travel and trying new things has kept the creative spark alive. Danube lives in Claremont with her biggest fans, her loving husband, amazing and wonderful identical twin sons, and a teddy bear of a Rottweiler.

Her debut novel, Quicksilver Dreams, Book 1 of the Dreamwalker series was officially released January 6, 2014.

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