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Love of a Rockstar Book Tour: Review + Giveaway!

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Welcome to my post for the Love of a Rockstar book tour! I have a review coming up, as well as a giveaway for a Kindle Fire HD. But, before we get to all that, allow me to introduce the book:

Love of a Rockstar
Release date: February 11, 2014
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Marlene Parker thought she met her soul mate at eighteen but when he left her pregnant and alone to pursue a life of rock n roll, she vowed to never love again. Now four years later, she is being offered the dream of a lifetime. Moving to France with her daughter to start anew. There is only one problem. Marlene’s formative ex is back in town, and his pull is strong as ever.

Luke Anderson has everything a man could want. Fame, fortune and enough beautiful women to last him a lifetime. That is until a young runaway shows him what is truly important. Family. A word in which plagues Luke with regret. As a scared twenty two year old he ran away from the love of his life and their unborn child. Now ready to reverse his biggest regret with only three days to do it, Luke’s fate hangs in the balance. The question is, will he be able to convince Marlene their love story deserves a second chance?

My Rating: 4 Roses

A very sweet romance, Love of a Rockstar was a wonderful read. I really liked this book. It was sweet, romantic, and lovely.

Marlene was a good heroine. She was very devoted to caring for her daughter, and definitely strong for pulling through her heartbreak in the way that she did. I had a few issues with her that I'll talk about later, but, for the most part, I liked her.

Luke was a sweetie. I didn't know what to expect from him and I was wary that I wouldn't like him because he left his pregnant girlfriend, but it wasn't long before he won me over. He was really very sweet and I truly believed his regret over leaving Marlene. He realized his mistake and did everything he could to make it right. Despite my reservations about him, I ended up adoring him.

The romance was lovely. Marlene and Luke were sweet together. Despite their time apart, it was obvious that they never stopped loving each other. And, the chemistry between them was hot. The sparks were flying whenever these two were together. I though they were lovely together.

I totally adored Nil, Marlene and Luke's daughter. I thought she was so cute and I loved how she was included as a major character, rather than just a plot device. I especially loved how Luke interacted with her, because he was adorable with her. I thought her character was lovely.

Now, to what I didn't like about. It's really just relatively minor issues that came together to become a bigger one. 1) Marlene could really be a shrew sometimes. I understood that she was in a difficult situation, but she was downright mean a few times. 2) I didn't understand why the inclusion of Finn (Marlene's "safe" boyfriend) was even necessary. It seemed like his only purpose was to cause a conflict and I thought Marlene was really unfair to him. She used him as a safety blanket, but had no issues contemplating cheating on him with Luke. Then, when she did, she turned against him for getting angry about it. I thought his reaction was reasonable, but Marlene just turned her back on him and couldn't have cared less when he was out of her life for good. That was just mean. And 3) Camile (Marlene's friend) wasn't very nice, for both a decision she made in the past and the genuinely horrible advice she gave Marlene. It made me think less of Marlene when she followed her friend's advice because it definitely wasn't any good. I didn't think she was a good friend at all. These problems did affect my enjoyment of the book, but I still really liked it, so they weren't dealbreakers. I definitely still enjoyed the book.

The plot was fast paced and I was kept interested the entire way through. I really enjoyed the story and the ending, though a bit rushed, was very sweet.

Love of a Rockstar was a lovely New Adult romance. Though I had a few issues with it, I still really enjoyed it and I ended up liking it. Romance lovers, this is a book worth checking out.

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About the Author:
Nicole Simone
Nicole Simone works in digital media by day and at night, pen’s character driven romance novels that will make your mama blush. She lives in Los Angeles, C.A with her fat bulldog named Humphrey. Love of a Rock Star is Nicole’s first novel but certainly not her last.

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