Monday, December 16, 2013

Once Upon a Time Winter Finale Recap

I know I don't normally talk about anything other than books here, but if I don't rant about this to someone, I might implode from emotional overload. Do I have any Once Upon a Time fans here? Yes? No? Well, if you don't watch it, you're missing out on one hell of an amazing show. 

If you do watch this show and haven't yet seen the winter finale, avert your eyes because I'm about to spoil everything that happened!

This episode tore a hole through my emotions. I literally spent the last 10 minutes of the show (and another 10 minutes after that) crying my eyes out over what happened. I don't even know that there is a single word for the tumult of emotions this episode released.

So, what happens is that Peter Pan tries to release the curse and only Regina can destroy it because she created it in the first place. Unfortunately, like the last time, she has to give up who she loves most. In this case Henry, though she doesn't need his heart, she only needs to let him go. Even more unfortunately, everyone would return to where they came from, which, in most cases, is the Enchanted Forest. But, Henry, having been born in our world, can't go with them, so Emma, being the only person who can escape the curse, has to go with him. As if that wasn't enough, Emma would lose all her memories of Storybrook, since destroying the curse would make it as if it had never existed. So, Emma wouldn't remember her parents, friends, or anything that happened. And- this broke my heart-she wouldn't remember Hook who is now very obviously in love with Emma in a way that Neil/Bae never was. But, Regina offers a way to have a happy ending: implanting false memories into Emma and Henry so that, as far as they remember, she kept him at birth. Oh, and Peter Pan is taken care of, though at a cost that was devastating. Now, after all that shredded my heart, the episode ends one year later, with Hook returning to get Emma because her parents are in danger. Of course, she doesn't remember and, when he tries to fix her memories with true love's kiss (!!!!!!!!!!) it doesn't work because, like when Snow lost her memories of Charming, she didn't remember being in love. And, now we have to wait until MARCH 9 to find out what happens next!!!

There are so many thing going on there that I have yet to know how I feel about. 

1) Regina redeemed herself. She undid the wrong she committed, and had to sacrifice what she loved in order to do it. She proved that she has grown to be able to care about others again in a way she hadn't since her true love died. She might have been the Evil Queen, but her actions show she isn't anymore. Let's just hope that she doesn't regress when she's back in the Enchanted Forest...

2) Rumpelstiltskin. After struggling with his own cowardice, he finally overcame it. He showed that his love for Belle and for his son meant that he would do anything, even fight his own cowardice, to keep them safe. But, it came at a great cost that is still making me tear up. I hope that, in true Once Upon a Time style, something unexpected comes up that allows hope to return for Rumple.

3) Hook...
I adored that extremely attractive pirate from the first episode he appeared him. He was just so charming and the true definition of bad guy with a good heart. Not to mention that lovely accent... :)
I never though he was evil. I thought that going after the man who killed the woman he loved was perfectly understandable and, as we saw in the episode about his past, he firmly believed in honor and would even defy his king to keep his. I've wanted him to be with Emma from the beginning. At first, just because he was so delightfully flirty and charming and Emma needed herself a love interest. But, after that, I really became fond of his character and who he really was and, let's be honest, both Hook and Emma are totally bad ass. Imagine how unstoppable they would be together. Now, with this episode, it was clear just how much he had fallen in love with her. It started getting clearer when they were in Neverland, but the fact that he tried to revive her with true love's kiss shows how deep he felt it. Deep enough that, for him, it was true love. Especially considering that, within a year, he didn't give up on Emma. He looked for her and found her and obviously isn't planning on giving up on her (which is more than Neil ever did, just saying...). His situation with Emma is was already making my heart ache, but now it's just being ripped to pieces. I just hope this pirate can get his happy ending.

4) Snow and Charming. After finding their daughter and finally being able to begin building a relationship with her, they had to let her go. It was so heartbreaking to see them as they said goodbye and watched her drive away, knowing she already couldn't remember them. They just went through so much just to find a happy ending and they've had to fight for it over and over. Surely, they've earned it by now, but, as yet, they're still struggling. Now, they have to struggle with having to let their daughter go. Here's hoping that they'll somehow be able to have a happy ending. Someday...

5) Emma. This girl has gone through so much and only just found a family. Only for it to be ripped about just when they were coming together! Are you kidding me?! Ugh. I'm only consoling myself with the fact that, at least she has a much smaller family with Henry. But, she lived her life wanting to find her parents and had to let them go and forget them completely. But, she's totally kick ass and totally loyal to her family, even if she doesn't remember them, so I know she'll find a way to snap out of it so that she can help her family. Let's hope Hook can find away to reinstate her memory.

5) Finally, the preview for the second part of the season gave me anxiety. All the characters have been dropped into a new situation and I have no idea how that will turn out for them. And, can we just say Wicked Witch! Hell, yes, we'll be seeing her next. I love when new fairy tale characters are introduced, because this show always manages to make them much better. But MARCH 9?! Come on, are they trying to torture the fans of OUAT? They leave us with that ending and then expect us to wait over 3?! I might just die of anxiety before I then :(

Okay, I feel much better now that I've gotten all those emotions out :) But, I'm still anxious for March 9 to get here already. Patience, patience...too bad I don't have any ;)

So, fans of the show, what do you think about the winter finale? Devastated? Ecstatic? Are you have excited as I am for the second half of the season? Let me know in the comments!

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