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Lady In Disguise by Wendy Vella

Lady In Disguise (The Langley Sisters #1)
Release date: October 27, 2013
Publisher: Self
Genre: Historical (Regency) Romance
Series: The Langley Sisters #1

Desperate and penniless, Miss Olivia Langley is out of options. To ensure her family's survival she and her sister decide to take a drastic step - they don masks and take to the road as highwaymen. Disaster strikes when, inside the first carriage they rob, they find the one man Olivia had hoped never to see again. Five years ago Lord William Ryder had broken Livvy's heart. Now he has returned and she has a bad feeling that if anyone can succeed at unmasking her deepest secrets, it will be him.

Will knew his return would be greeted with both joy and resentment, but after five years of hard living he was ready to come home and take his place in society. He had never forgotten Olivia no matter how hard he'd tried, and whilst he hadn't imagined she would welcome him with open arms, the hostility and anger she displays are at odds with the woman he once knew. It is not long before he realizes she's living a dangerous lie, and now that he’s back, Will is determined to keep her safe and finally claim her for his own.

My Rating: 4 Roses

A lovely romance, Lady in Disguise was a wonderful read. There was sweet romance, heinous blackmail, and a surprising secret. I really enjoyed reading this fantastic book.

Olivia was a strong heroine. After her father died, she took responsibility for her sisters, even as her cousin took away their money and left them more and more destitute. Until, there was no money and Olivia had to take to stealing just to get by. Hence, the whole highwayman scheme. I really liked her, for the most part. She was absolutely determined to take care of her sisters in the best way she could. I had one complaint about her. She let her pride get the better of her and it was frustrating. At any time, she could have asked the duke for help and he would have helped. And, when Will came back he offered his help (and frequently forced her to let him help), but she didn't want any of it. I understood her need to hold on to pride when she had nothing else, but she took it too far. Her pride wasn't going to feed her sisters, but the duke's help would have. And, she tended to get snippy about the smallest things, thinking them charity rather than a man wanting to help  out a woman he cared for. It wasn't a huge deal, but it was annoying enough for me to knock off a bit of the rating. Other than that, though, I really liked her.

Will was amazing. He had left 5 years before because he knew he was on a path to destroying himself. Not only that, but he knew he would also be tearing down everyone around him if he stayed. So, he left. He knew he needed to get away so that he could grow up and become a better man. That definitely worked. He was a strong, honorable, clever man when he got back. But, then he had to deal with all the people he had left behind and inadvertently hurt. Including Olivia. I absolutely adored Will. He was a true gentleman, determined to care for those he loved. He made himself into a man that he could be proud of. I thought he was just perfect.

The romance was lovely. Olivia and Will were sweet together. Even after those 5 years apart, neither of them stopped caring about the other. And, there was a bit of spice in there, though it wasn't too much. But, what was there was definitely hot.

The plot was fast paced. I was hooked the entire way through. There was a secret that I never saw coming, one that had haunted Olivia for years. Definitely a shocker. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely.

Lady in Disguise was a fantastic historical romance. I really enjoyed reading this wonderful book. Lovers of romance, you'll want to check this book out.

*I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

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