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Between a Rake and a Hard Place by Mia Marlowe & Connie Mason

Between a Rake and a Hard Place (The Royal Rakes, #3)
Release date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Historical (Regency) Romance
Series: The Royal Rakes #3

When a royal's intended bride is kidnapped, only a rake can set things right...

Wealthy heiress Serena Osborne feels like her father is determined to sacrifice her on the marriage altar. The Duke of Kent is negotiating for a bride, and the wickedly appealing Sir Jonah Sharp is sent to woo the Lady Serena on the Duke's behalf. It only muddies the waters when she succumbs to Jonah's charm. Repeatedly. But Jonah has a secret agenda—to prevent the marriage at any cost.

When Serena is kidnapped in a desperate attempt to force the royal betrothal, Jonah realizes his new agenda is to secure a bride—for himself.

My Rating: 4.5 Roses

A lovely conclusion to a fantastic series. Between a Rake and a Hard Place was a wonderful historical romance. It had thrills, romance, and secrets. I really enjoyed reading this book. Loved it!

Serena was one feisty heroine. She may have to marry a royal duke and spend the rest of her life in a gilded cage but, until then, she was going to have as much fun as she could. She created a list of scandalous things she wanted to do before getting married. And, who better to help her do them that a known rake: Jonah. I thought Serena was great. For the most part, her impulsiveness was fun, but there was one occasion where it kind of ruined everything and I wanted to throw something at her. But, it wasn't really a problem, just an annoyance. She was tons of fun to read about and I really liked her.

Jonah as also wonderful. He starts out completely determined not to fall into the same trap that his fellow rakes fell into. There's no way he is going to fall in love with the lady he is assigned to ruin. But, that's exactly what happens. And beneath all that jaded cynicism, Jonah was very sweet. He was wonderful and I adored him.

The romance was sweet and steamy. Serena and Jonah were adorable together. Even with both of them doing their best not to fall for each other, they did anyway. They were a perfect couple. And the sparks between them were hot! The steaminess was off the charts with these two. I only had one problem with the romance, which is also my only problem with the book. These two were so stubborn about not admitting their feelings, even to themselves. Jonah was determined to fall in love and Serena was determined to make her family proud and marry the duke. It made me want to shut them into a room together and lock them there until they admitted their feelings. It was a little frustrating. But, other than that, I thought they romance was lovely.

The plot was fast paced. I was hooked the entire way through. There were tons of thrills to go around, especially with Jonah closing in a witness to prove his, and the other rakes', innocence. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was perfect.

Between a Rake and a Hard Place was a fantastic historical romance. I loved this book! It was a perfect ending to a wonderful series. Lovers of romance, you definitely need to read this book, and the rest of the series, because it's brilliant.

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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