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All That Glows by Ryan Graudin

All That Glows
Release date: February 11, 2014
Publisher: Harper Teen
Genre: YA Paranormal (Faerie) Romance

Emrys—a fiery, red-headed Fae—always embraced her life in the Highlands, far from the city’s draining technology, until she’s sent to London to rejoin the Faery Guard. But this isn’t any normal assignment—she’s sent to guard Prince Richard: Britain’s notorious, partying bad boy and soon-to-be King. The prince’s careless ways and royal blood make him the irresistible for the dark spirits that feed on mortals. Sweet, disheveled, and alive with adventure—Richard is one charge who will put Emrys’s magic and heart to the test.

When an ancient force begins preying on the monarchy, Emrys must hunt through the London’s magical underworld, facing down Banshees, Black Dogs and Green Women to find the one who threatens Richard’s life. In this chaos of dark magic, palace murders and paparazzi, Emrys finds herself facing an impossible choice. For despite all her powers, Emrys has discovered a force that burns brighter than magic: love.

My Rating: 5 Roses

Magical, romantic, and lovely! All That Glows was absolutely brilliant. I loved this book so much! It was absolute perfection. Loved it!

I really loved the idea for this book. It was a mix of modern life and faerie magic and it was blended perfectly. It was set in the present but not bogged down by contemporary details, which allowed that magical feel of the book to remain at the focus. And the atmosphere that the author create was lovely. It had an air of magic and it brought me right into the world of faerie guardians. Brilliantly done!

Emrys was a wonderful heroine. She was extremely dedicated to her job as a guardian and she was one of the best. But, when she meets her new charge, the heir to the British throne, her rigid views start to shake. And, she realizes why some faeries gave up their magic for love because she begins contemplating just that. I really liked her. She was a strong character who would do anything for what she believed in. She was very likable and I thought she was lovely.

Richard was absolutely lovable. I totally and completely adored him. When we first meet him, he isn't the most upstanding of people. He was a party boy who preferred to forget the responsibilities of the crown he never wanted. But, over the course of the book, he grew up. After something happened that made him realize his responsibilities, he proved himself as a worthy prince. He was dedicated to protecting his country and he wasn't going to run away from the fae that were trying to harm it. He was strong, clever, and determined. He was also very sweet and utterly adorable. I thought he was just perfect.

The romance was super sweet. It developed slowly over the course of the book, progressing from a little crush, to infatuation, and finally to love. Emrys and Richard were so sweet together. Their romance was just lovely.

The plot was fast paced. I was completely hooked the entire way through. This book had no shortage of thrills as Emrys and Richard fought off the dark fey determined to destroy humanity for daring to upset the balance of nature. That definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. And there were plenty of surprises, not the least of which was who turned out to be behind it all. I never saw it coming. I think I suspected just about everyone except who it actually was. When it was finally revealed, it totally blew me away. I really enjoyed the story and I thought the ending was perfect. I couldn't imagine a better way for they story to conclude, even though I wish I could have remained in that world forever.

All That Glows was a brilliant YA paranormal romance. The romance was sweet, the thrills were constant, and the surprises were shocking. I absolutely adored this book. It was so utterly sweet and lovely and perfect. Lovers of anything YA, romance, or faerie, this is a book you must read, because it was perfection.

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*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

"Some mortals have spirits that are stronger than others. Souls they haven't yet grown into. They have potential, great potential...but until they learn how to harness it, they're all chaos. Richard is one of those: a strong spirit who doesn't yet know his place."

"Is the beauty worth the risk? Is the threat of brokenness worth the possibility of becoming whole?" -Emrys

"I love Richard even more than I fear death. More than I fear losing my magic, my self. Because my magic isn't my self anymore."

"'Yes, Embers. You are my yes. You're the one I'll love until the day I die.'
Every word is sure, a stone mortared into place. They block up, brick by brick, filling me. And I know that, as long as I have him, my soul will feel whole."

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