Thursday, November 21, 2013

Highland Master by Hannah Howell

Highland Master (Murray Family, #19)
Release date: November 26, 2013
Publisher: Zebra
Genre: Historical (Highlander) Romance
Series: Murray Family #19

Lady Triona McKee's life is under desperate siege. The marriage she thought would answer her dreams has left her struggling alone to provide for her people, while an arrogant kinsman prepares to take her land. But one look into the cynical green eyes of her cousin's boldest knight warns Triona that even a promise of help is just as dangerous...

Betrayal taught Sir Brett Murray to make protecting others his only life. Still, the growing desire he can't help but feel for this entrancing widow makes him long to earn more than her trust. But in trying to save all she cherishes, he can't see how an honor-scarred knight can stay in her world and her heart... unless he risks everything to prove his love is now and forever always...

My Rating: 5 Roses

Full of romance, schemes, and secrets, Highland Master was a fantastic historical romance. I totally loved it and enjoyed every bit of it.

I'm relatively new to Hannah Howell's books. I picked up one of her books in this series (the Murray Family series) by chance and totally loved it. Since then, I've read bits and pieces of this series and loved every one of them. It didn't take long for me to become a fan of this author. So, I had high expectations going into this book. And, it met every one of them.

Triona was a heroine not to be underestimated. She's been through a lot, from a horrible marriage to fighting off a neighbor that seeks to take her land, but she handles it all admirably. She was very devoted to taking care of her clan and nothing was going to harm them on her watch. I really liked her. She was a tough woman, not a simpering wimp. She handled everything life threw at her and gave as good as she got. I thought she was great.

Brett comes off as standoffish in the beginning. He was very reserved. But, it doesn't take long for us to see beneath his formidable mask. He was a wonderful character. Very clever, determined to care for his loved ones and do what was right, and super sweet. I loved how he was intent on making sure that, when he married Triona, it was for her only, not for her lands. She had too many men after her for what she could give them, so he wanted to make sure that he could give her something for a change. I thought that was really sweet. He was a perfect hero. I totally adored him.

The romance was lovely. It started off slow, with Triona and Brett becoming friends and getting to know each other. And, once they took it to the next level, their relationship skyrocketed from there. I thought they were very sweet together. There was never any doubt about their feelings for each other and neither of them bothered to deny them. And, the chemistry between them was steamy. Definitely a lot of chemistry going on there.

The plot was fast paced. I was hooked the entire way through. There were definitely some secrets revealed in this book that took me by surprise. Especially the truth of what happened to the men in the garrison and how Triona's neighbor was involved. The constant threat of what that psycho would do had me on the edge of my seat. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was perfect.

Highland Master was a wonderful historical romance. I really enjoyed reading this fantastic book. Lovers of romance, this is a book you don't want to miss.

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Great review! I do love this author, she has some fantastic talent. I haven't yet read this book yet, but I believe its on my wishlist.

  2. If you already like this author, I think you'll love this book :) Thanks for visiting!