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Devil in My Arms by Samantha Kane + Featured Freebie

Devil in My Arm (The Saint's Devils, #3)
Release date: November 26, 2013
Publisher: Loveswept
Genre: Historical (Regency) Romance
Series: The Saint's Devils #3

One by one, the Saint’s Devils—Samantha Kane’s wicked, wonderful Regency heroes—continue to enchant the women who capture their rakish hearts.

Even though she is starving and destitute, Eleanor Enderby’s quiet beauty strikes Sir Hilary St. John speechless. He expects the woman he’s searching for to be skittish and plain. Instead he finds the picture of bravery—and willfulness—in his quarry. She gives away little, but Hil can see something is terribly amiss. And though he cannot say exactly why, he is determined not to let her come to more harm than whatever it is she has already survived.

Six months later, Eleanor believes she has finally found safety from the tyrant she risked her life to escape. Thought to be dead by society, Eleanor is ready to be reborn as someone new—someone whose life will never again be tied to the fate of one man. But her smoldering savior seems unwilling to leave her unprotected for an instant. Despite the threats he thinks he sees coming, the real dangers Eleanor faces in Hil’s arms are unmistakable: temptation, seduction, and maybe even love.

My Rating: 5 Roses

I LOVE this series and this book was a wonderful addition. Devil in My Arms was a fantastic historical romance that had thrills, mystery, and, of course, some steamy romance. I loved this book!

Eleanor was a lovely heroine. She has been through a lot because of her marriage, enough that it would have broken a weaker woman. But, she fought to escape and built herself a new life beyond the shackles of her marriage. I loved that she managed to match wits and cleverness with Hil, which is quite a feat considering how smart this man is. I only had one complaint about her and it was that she was kind of rude to Hil, considering he's the one who aided her rescue. A little more gratitude rather than defiance wouldn't have gone amiss. But, otherwise, I thought she was great. She was strong, clever, and very likable.

Hil was also wonderful. I already liked him from his appearances in the previous books in the series, but this book made me adore him. He's not a very conventional gentleman. For one, social niceties go right over his head.  He might be able to find the missing link in a critical investigation, but he can't seem to figure out when a question he asks for the sake of his ever curious mind might be construed as rude. For another, he has no problem doing anything to get what he wants, be it the woman he loves or a chance to solve an investigation. But, he could also be sweet and kind and there is no denying how smart he is. I thought he was wonderful and I adored him.

The romance was super hot. The sparks between these two were on fire and they weren't shy about letting their desires known. It was definitely spicy. But, they were also very sweet together. I really liked the progression of how they fell in love, despite doing their best not to. It was sweet. I thought these two were a lovely couple.

Wiley played a bigger role in this book and I still adore him. He's just so awesome and adorable and I think he's amazing. I really hope he gets his own book because I would love to read more about him.

The plot was fast paced. I was hooked the entire way through. There were thrills, mystery, and I was riveted. The courtroom scene, which was about the last quarter of the book, was amazingly done. It had me on the edge of my seat, full of anxiety, needing to know what happens. That was undoubtedly the best part of the book. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was perfect. I think it's safe to say that this series is officially one of my favorite romance series. I can't wait to read more from this series and this author.

Devil in My Arms was a brilliant historical romance. I absolutely loved every part of it, from the hot romance, to the thrilling mystery. Lovers of romance, this is a book you definitely have to read.

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a historical romance that I read before and enjoyed: Never a Mistress, No Longer a Maid by Maureen Driscoll. Go forth and get it for free!

Caught behind enemy lines at the Battle of Waterloo, nurse Jane Wetherby is forced to seek shelter with British operative Lord Edward Kellington. After a night of passion, the two are separated. With nothing but the alias Jane used to protect her family, Lord Edward is unable to find the woman he can't forget.

Seven years later, Jane courts scandal by serving as the unofficial surgeon in the village of Marston Vale. When Edward arrives to formalize his betrothal to a viscount's daughter in accordance with his late father's wishes, Jane has no choice but to watch the match proceed. When a threat from the past emerges, Jane must join forces with Edward to safeguard her loved ones. But at what risk to her heart...

This book contains explicit language and adult situations. You won't like this book if you don't like either of those two things. It's a little bit of history and a lot of explicit language and adult situations.

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