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To Wed a Wicked Highlander by Victoria Roberts + Featured Freebie

To Wed a Wicked Highlander (Bad Boys of the Highlands, #3)
Release date: September 3, 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca 
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Bad Boys of the Highlands #3

In the third book of this fun, action-packed Highland trilogy, Victoria Roberts introduces her baddest bad boy yet.

Laird Alexander MacDonnell must choose between his duty or losing his heart forever to the woman who betrayed him—his own wife.

Lady Sybella MacKenzie is forced to search for her clan's ancient seeing stone under the roof of her father's enemy. When she finds the precious artifact, will she choose the family who raised her, or will she stand with the man who has captured her soul?

My Rating: 4 Roses

Just as lovely as the previous books in the series! The Bad Boys of the Highlands is one of my favorite highland romance series, so I was expecting a lot from this final book. And it didn't disappoint. To Wed a Wicked Highlander was a fantastic historical romance that had me hooked.

Sybella was a good heroine. She was strong and intensely loyal. And, for the most part, she was likable. However, I did have one issue with her that was big enough to knock off a point on the rating. I could not understand why she didn't tell Alexander the truth about her search for the stone. At first, it was understandable why she wouldn't tell him. She didn't trust him at the beginning of their marriage, especially because their clans used to be enemies. But, later on, when she saw that Alexander was trustworthy and fell in love with him, I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't tell him. Her reasons were justifiable, but not excusable. Anything would have been better than how he eventually found out. (BTW, I also don't get why everyone was against him when he got angry at her. I think he had good reason to be angry.)

That whole issue wasn't a deal breaker, but it was a source of frustration, given how big that secret became. I still liked Sybella. I thought she was a lovely character. I just wanted to shake a little sense into her.

Alexander was amazing from the beginning. He was so sweet and gentlemanly and protective of his loved ones. Honestly, he was perfect. I adored him.

The romance was lovely. Both sweet and spicy, these two were a lovely couple. The sparks between them were hot. And they were so adorable together.

The plot was fast paced and I was hooked the entire way through. There were definitely thrills that had me on the edge of my seat. And the ending was perfect!

To Wed a Wicked Highlander was a wonderful highland romance! I really enjoyed this book. I can't wait to see more from this author. Lovers of romance, you really have to read this book.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a historical romance that sounds great: Lady Scandal by Shannon Donnelly. Go forth and get it for free!

When war shatters the fragile peace of 1803 between France and England, Alexandria must get her niece home safe. Escaping from Paris will not be easy, for Bonaparte has ordered the arrest of all English—and there is an added complication. The man she once loved her, the man for whom she almost gave up everything, the man who left her branded "Lady Scandal", needs her help.

Although she has not seen Paxten Marsett in years, she recognizes her former lover's voice when he hides in her coach. But can they overcome a past left bitter by betrayals and find a second chance at love?

Half French and half English, Paxten Marsett has never felt at home anywhere. Now he is unwelcome in France due to a misunderstanding with a general's wife. But in fleeing France, he comes across the one woman he has never forgotten.

Will he use this chance to seduce her into falling in love with him again so he might break her heart—or will he find himself seduced instead by an old love?

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