Friday, August 9, 2013

The Bridesmaid's Best Man by Susanna Carr + Featured Freebie

The Bridesmaid's Best Man
Release date: September 17, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: N/A

Every bachelorette party has a surprise… Angie Lawson is in Bridesmaid Hell—if Hell was a strip club filled with screaming women in stilettos. But her night's about to get a whole lot worse. Now her ex-boyfriend is standing right in front of her—every sexy, delicious inch of him—and Cole Foster isn't the kind of guy that any woman can just ignore….

Cole's working undercover, but he certainly wasn't expecting the intimate reminder of the wicked heat that he and Angie always shared. But when the maid of honor—silver stilettos and all—is knocked unconscious, Cole realizes he needs Angie's help to get into the bridal party. And if getting there means getting her in bed, too, then he's definitely the best man for the job!

My Rating: 5 Roses

Hot, steamy, and adorably sweet. The Bridesmaid's Best Man was a fantastic romance. I absolutely loved it!

I loved the two main characters in this book. They were great and tons of fun to read about.

Angie is a tom-boy to the core and, as a result of all the people who tried to change her into a girly-girl, is rather insecure. So, she takes Cole breaking up with her on a deeper level because it hit all her insecurities. Despite her self-consciousness, I thought she was a strong heroine. One that wasn't about the change to please anyone. She knew when to stand up for herself and when to forgive. I thought she was a great heroine.

Cole was just as wonderful. Because of his past with his parents, he has deep a deep seated belief that he is unlovable. And, when he breaks up with Angie, it's because of the fear he has that, if she continues to know him better, she will come to hate him. His past is one hell of a story, and I won't give it away. But, I will say that it was a surprise. Though he finds himself lacking, I thought he was perfect. He was incredibly sweet, dedicated to helping others, and basically completely adorable. Loved him!

The romance was a perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Angie and Cole may have broken up, but their feelings never faded and that was obvious from the minute they reunited. They are what you call true love. And, damn, were there sparks flying between them! The heat between them was on fire. They were a perfect couple.

The plot was fast paced and I was hooked the entire way through. The mystery of who was targeting the bridesmaids had me on the edge of my seat. And, though I had suspicious about who was responsible, the reveal took me by surprise. And the ending was lovely.

The Bridesmaid's Best Man was a wonderful romance about a second chance. It was hot, sweet, and thrilling. I loved every bit of it! Lovers of romance, you definitely need to read this book.

*I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review
Featured Freebie:
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"Kathryn, I'm neither good nor decent."

Kathryn Denton is not your average college graduate. She's made more mistakes and been through more than anyone her age. But she's over that now. With her hard earned degree in hand, she's ready to go into the real world and forget about her past. Unfortunately, fate has other plans in store for her. Just as she's about to start her new life, she spends one night with the sexy, dangerous, and irresistible James Manticorps.

She may not realize it, but her world is about to change forever.

James Manticorps seems like someone who can have anything he wants. He's confident, charming...and also the CEO and heir to a multi-million dollar media business. But James Manticorps is not the freewheeling playboy that the media makes him out to be. When he realizes that all he wants is Kathryn, he finds that the one thing he wants, may be the only thing he can't have.

After a mind-blowing night with James, Kathryn finds out that not only is her new job at none other than Manticorps Media, but also that James Manticorps may be hiding much more.

As soon as Kathryn begins her new job, she's dropped into a tense political drama that spans generations. Will Kathryn be able to cope?

Will James Manticorps tear her apart or will he make her whole?