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Winning a Bride (Bridal Favors #2.5) by Jade Lee + Featured Freebie

Winning a Bride (Bridal Favors, #2.5)

Due to his aristocratic family's downfall, William Benton serves as steward on the land his brother should have inherited. His one weakness is for the daughter of the new owner. Josephine Lawton is beautiful, charming, and enamored of titles and all things aristocratic. So when she becomes engaged to a man he knows to be a wastrel and a fool, Will puts all his passion into restoring his family's honor and winning the woman he loves. It's going to be a hot summer on the estate.

My Rating: 5 Roses

Really enjoyed this novella. Full of steamy romance, misunderstandings, and surprisingly well developed characters, Winning a Bride was an excellent read.

Considering this is a novella, the story and the characters were well developed. I felt like William and Josephine were deep characters with developed back stories. Very nicely done by the author.

Josephine was a very likable heroine. She was not going to let anyone run over her, including her father and the man she loves. Anyone seeking to control her can think again, because that will never happen. I liked the fact that she wasn't the kind of heroine to jump to conclusions and was definitely not prone to overdramatics. Overall, a great heroine.

William was a character with a lot of conflicts going on. His family used to own the land that he now has to work on for another family and that definitely stings his pride every day. He resents Josephine's family and knows that their difference in station is large, yet he is still in love with her. Despite all that, he was a good man. He  is extremely dedicated to his land, even though it is no longer his. And he has a strict code of honor that he will only break as a last resort. He was very sweet and a wonderful hero. He was easy to sympathize for and easy to like.

The romance was well done. There was a ton of spice going around. After years of suppressed longing on both parts, when they finally get together, it's very hot. And these two were also a sweet couple with so much deep emotion that's been building for years in their relationship. Definitely a great couple.

The plot moved quickly and I was hooked from page one. There were a couple of surprising secrets that I never saw coming. And the ending was great.

Winning a Bride was an excellent romance. Lovers of the genre, you really should read this novella.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for a copy!
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