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What the Bride Wore (Bridal Favors #3) by Jade Lee + Featured Freebie

What the Bride Wore (Bridal Favors, #3)

Jade Lee's hot Bridal Favors series is set in a daring, high-energy Regency world where deep longings, secret scandals, and the competition for social stature are all set against the glittering weddings of the season.

Grant Benton, Earl of Crowle, finally has the funds he always pretended to have, and what he wants now is a woman. That woman is Lady Irene Knopp, who spends her days helping debutantes plan their weddings. A recent widow, Irene longs for love again, but she's afraid to risk her heart, especially to the notorious Grant Benton.

My Rating: 4 Roses

After reading William's story in Winning a Bride, we move on to his brother, Grant. With thrills, romance, madness, and secrets, What the Bride Wore was a fantastic read. Lovely!
This book didn't fall into many cliches. With a widowed heroine who owns a clothing shop and a aristocratic hero who has been masquerading as a textile owner, things were different than a usual regency romance. And,  I really liked that about this book.

Irene was an okay heroine. I liked her, but I didn't love her character. On one hand, she is an independent woman who is very clever and intelligent. On the other hand, for such an intelligent woman, she was prone to fits of immaturity. She's a widow, a working woman, with a sharp eye for business. Yet, she could act childish sometimes. Not excessively, but enough that I got a little annoyed with her. I wanted to shake some sense (or maybe just some maturity) into her. Overall, though, she was a good character.

Grant, however, was a perfectly flawed hero. He was an absolute idiot in his youth. He has strains of insanity in the form of a disembodies voice that he always hears. For some baffling reason, he is too ashamed to tell him family what he has been doing for the past several years. But, regardless of all that, he was still a good man. At his heart, he is a gentleman who cares about his family and would sacrifice his pride to take care of them. And he can be so sweet when he wanted to be. I thought he was a brilliant hero, one that I adored.

The romance was heated. Since both the hero and the heroine are experienced, they aren't shy about their desire for each other. With the sparks constantly flying between them, we get enough spice to keep things interesting, plus a little more. And, they were also a sweet couple. I loved that Grant knew early on that Irene was the woman for him and didn't wast a minute in trying to win her. Overall, a lovely couple.

The plot was fast paced. There were thrills and a mystery of who was behind the danger. I was hooked the entire way through. And the ending was a perfect wrap up for the couple, while leaving a hook for the next book.

What the Bride Wore was a wonderful historical romance! Lovers of the genre, you should give this book a try.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a historical romance novella that sounds good: One Wild Night by Amelia James . Go forth and get it for free!

"Let me get this straight." Jake looked Lucien in the eye. "If you lose this hand, I take your girlfriend home."

Never anger a gypsy with the powers of hell at his fingertips. But that's exactly what Jake Marshall does when he wins Lucien's girlfriend in a drunken poker game.

The Great War is over and Jake wanders through Eastern Europe looking for adventure, romance, or maybe just a good stiff drink. When he meets beautiful, exotic Miranda, he knows she can give him everything he wants... for tonight, at least. Jake can't decide if her magic touch scares him or turns him on. Can he trust her?

Miranda is looking for a way out. She's suffered Lucien's abuses far too long, and Jake offers the escape she craves. The cocky American is bold, brash, and carries too many guns, but she likes that in a man.

They're enjoying the magic between them when Lucien unleashes an ancient curse, forcing Jake and Miranda to flee into the dark black forest while the minions of hell pursue them through endless hours of midnight. And the constant erotic distractions between the two only make matters worse. Jake can only fight for so long, and Miranda's powers are pushed to the limit.

She can break the curse... if they survive One Wild Night.

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