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Morrigan Book Tour: Review + Giveaway!

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Welcome to my post for the Morrigan book tour, organized by Tasty Book Tours! I have a review and giveaway for an awesome prize pack coming up for you. But, first, allow me to introduce the book:

Shuffled from place to place in the foster system, Morrigan doesn't know the meaning of home. Plus, she is different. She has power over fire, the ability to move objects with her mind, and glimpse into the future. Just when she believes her life can't get any stranger, she discovers her true identity. 

Filtiarn, a knight with a dark past and a surprising secret, has been tasked with guiding the heir of Tír na NÓg through countless perils to be returned to her family. Once Morrigan has been reunited with her mother and grandmother, their triad can save the forgotten land of magic from being devoured by an ancient evil.

Werewolves, witches, faeries, betrayals, romance, and an ending that had me anxious for more. Morrigan had it all and it was absolutely wonderful!

As in her other books, Laura DeLuca had flawless world building in this book. She created an amazing world of magic, along with deep characters. This is why she's one of my favorite authors. Her books, with their fantastic worlds and dynamic characters, are brilliant. And this book definitely lived up to that.

Morrigan was a great heroine. She was incredibly strong and always determined to do what was right. I got very annoyed with her during a moment near the end of the book when I wanted to throttle her. But, it wasn't nearly enough to keep me from liking her character. Overall, she was lovely.

Filtiarn was just amazing. He was a deep character who had a very dark past and is still haunted by it. He immediately comes off as a sympathetic character because, though we might not know what happened in his past yet, it was obvious that there were some noisy skeletons in his closet. And, that only grew when we find out what happened to him. He was easy to adore. So sweet, snarky, protective, and determined to redeem himself. I thought he was perfect.

The romance was emotionally intense. When these two fell, they fell hard. And, as I read the book, their feelings for each other were palpable. Very nicely done.

The plot was faced paced. I was totally hooked, anxious to find out what happened next. There is one hell of a betrayal in this book that creates a huge twist. I guessed at it earlier in the book, as there were hints that things weren't as they seemed. But, that didn't make the twist any less thrilling. And the ending was wonderful. While it tied of Morrigan and Filtiarn's story, it left a killer cliffhanger in the epilogue that had me desperate for a sequel. Please tell me there will be one soon, before I die of anxiety to find out what happens!

Morrigan was a brilliant YA paranormal romance! Ms. DeLuca, you've written another winner. Lovers of the genre, you definitely need to read this book.

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review
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About the Author:

Laura “Luna” DeLuca lives at the beautiful Jersey shore with her husband and four children. She loves writing in the young adult genre because it keeps her young at heart. In addition to writing fiction, Laura is also the sole author of a popular review blog called New Age Mama. She is an active member of her local pagan community, and has been studying Wicca for close to eight years. Her current works include Destiny, Destiny Unveiled, Phantom, Morrigan, Player, and Demon.

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