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The Ruin of a Rogue by Miranda Neville + Featured Freebie

The Ruin of a Rogue (The Wild Quartet, #2)
Charm, wit, and nerves of steel have helped Marcus Lithgow gamble his way across the Continent. But when his heart is at stake, all bets are off for this most perfect rogue...

It's been years since Marcus set foot in England—why toy with the tonwhen he can fleece wealthy fools in Paris and Rome? Yet everything changes when he inherits a ramshackle estate. Marcus's first and only chance at a respectable life needs funding . . . the kind Anne Brotherton can provide. Such a wallflower should be ripe for the picking. So why does Marcus fell like he's the one hanging by a thread?

Anne Brotherton is sick and tired of being an heiress. She cannot bring herself to marry a fortune hunter. Why can't men like her for her sharp mind and kind hearts rather than her impressive dowry?

She nearly falls for Marcus's smooth seduction. But when Anne realized she's being strung along, a lust for payback empowers her like never before. Two can play the game of deception. The game of love, however, has its own rules.

My Rating: 5 Roses

Loved this book! Everything about it was wonderful: the romance, the plot for revenge, the mystery of the hidden valuables. The Ruin of a Rogue was brilliant, a top notch historical romance.

I loved that this book was as original as you can get in historical romance. It had a different take of the shy wallflower/reformed rogue thing. And the story line had a few surprises in store, especially the shocking twist towards the end. Again, brilliant!

Anne was a great heroine. She starts off as a soft-spoken wallflower but, she comes alive throughout the course of the book. Beginning with the plot for revenge when she decides to fight back against a fortune hunter (even though this time it was a misunderstanding) and she matches Marcus is his game of charm. I really liked her character. She was wonderful.

Marcus was a misunderstood man. After living with his scoundrel of a father, all he knows is gaming and manipulation. But, he doesn't want to be that way and we see him, right from the beginning, doing his best to be a better man. That conflict comes up several times and it was nice seeing him change into a good man. He was wonderful: sweet, caring, and a gentleman at heart. I adored him.

The romance was delightful. Anne and Marcus were an adorable couple, perfectly matched in every way. And they definitely had some chemistry between them. I loved them together. 

The plot was fast paced. As I said, there were a few surprises in store. I was completely hooked the entire way through. And the ending was perfection.

The Ruin of a Rogue was a fantastic historical romance. I absolutely loved this book, just adored it! Historical romance fans, you definitely have to read this book.

*Thanks to Edelweiss and Avon Books for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a historical romance that I read before and enjoyed: The Duke's Reform by Fenella J Miller . Go forth and get it for free!

The Duke of Rochester marries Lady Isobel Drummond in order to obtain an heir. She marries him to save her family from financial ruin but also because she's fallen in love with the dissolute duke. Alexander, Lord Bentley, realises how much he loves his wife after he has driven her away by his objectionable behaviour.

Can he convince Isobel he is a changed man?

Can Isobel forgive the man she once loved?

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