Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Hunter by Monica McCarty + Featured Freebie

The Hunter (Highland Guard, #7)The war for Scotland’s freedom continues as King Robert the Bruce battles on. At his command is an elite army of trained warriors, soldiers dedicated to their king, their country—and to the remarkable women they love.

Prized for his unbeatable tracking skills, Ewen “Hunter” Lamont accepts a dangerous assignment: locate a missing undercover courier. But this is no ordinary target. Ewen has met his prey before as “Sister Genna,” a fiery, forbidden woman forever etched in his memory after one stolen, sinful kiss. Now that he knows her real identity, he’s more determined than ever to keep her safe. But without the protection of the veil between them, fighting the allure of the beautiful lass may be the toughest battle this extraordinary warrior has ever faced.

After her ill-fated attempt three years ago to rescue her twin sister, Janet of Mar has found salvation acting as a royal messenger—until she surrenders to a darkly handsome warrior whose rough, sensual kisses stir feelings the woman in her can’t deny. But when betrayal leads to danger, and a crucial communiqué is put in jeopardy, Janet has no choice but to put her faith in the hunter who can find anything—perhaps even her heart.

My Rating: 5 Roses

Spies, hot highlanders, a steamy romance, and a setting in the midst of a war torn Scotland. That’s what we get in this fantastic book. The Hunter was a fantastic highlander romance. I absolutely loved it!

I loved how the two main characters were a spy and a member of a secret guard. It made things so interesting, especially considering the turbulence of the time period. When you put two such strong minded and skilled people together, you’re bound to have a ton of fun seeing their battle of wills. And it allowed this book to have accurate historical detail without overwhelming the romance.

Janet was incredibly strong willed. After a tragic event, she threw herself into the war effort to escape her past. She’s extremely skilled in her role as a spy and she’s not about to let anyone take that away from her. I really liked her character. I thought it was hilarious that she could sweet talk anyone, even a king, to do her bidding and make it seem like it was their idea. If I had one thing to say against her, it would be that her stubbornness was occasionally frustrating. She’s very strong minded, and sometimes that didn’t work to her advantage. For example, she refused to see the danger in being a spy, believing that she could handle anything. But, that wasn’t true. And she found out the hard way. However, that was only a slight issue, and I still really liked her. She was one tough chick!

Ewan was just as formidable with his skills as a tracker. He was an awesome hero. Intensely loyal, very skilled, protective of his loved ones, and so sweet when he wanted to be. I appreciated that he didn’t belittle Janet’s skill. At first, he came off as sexist, as he was adamant that women shouldn’t be in the midst of war. But, he had a reason for it. Something that happened in the past and has haunted him since. And, he never had that mindset because he thought less of women, but because he honestly didn’t want them hurt in the war (though try telling that to Janet). Eventually, he sheds that way of thinking. But, even with that, I adored him right away. He was so sweet and adorable and a totally perfect hero. He was definitely easy to fall for.

The romance was well done. Janet and Ewan definitely had some obstacles in their relationship. But, that didn’t stop them from falling in love and fighting to be together. There were sparks between these two immediately. There was just the right amount of spice between them. And, they were also very sweet together. They were a lovely couple.

The plot was fast paced. I was hooked right away and riveting throughout the entire books. There were a few thrills to keep you on the edge of your seat as Janet and Ewan navigated though a war. And the ending was perfect.

The Hunter was an excellent highlander romance. If you’re looking for a great romance read, you don’t need to look any further. This is your book.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Ballantine Books for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a historical romance that sounds good: Wonderland By Night by Marie Higgins. Go forth and get it for free!  

In a world where freedom is questioned and everything is in turmoil, Lady Sarah Emiline Townshend needs to hide her identity for fear mobs will kill her and her family after her uncle—a political leader—passed laws that the good citizens in Boston did not approve of. Her father sends her to stay with some longtime friends of his in New Hampshire. But to stay safe, her maid must play Lady Sarah’s role…and Emiline will play Lady Sarah’s companion. When Emiline meets a handsome man, she suddenly wants him to look at her as a woman—not a servant. Yet, protecting her life is more important than confessing the truth. 

Gabriel Lawrence’s pirate ship is almost captured and this time it was too close. He and his crew need to hide for a few months in hopes that the Royal Navy will forget about them. During his stay at his aunt and uncle’s in New Hampshire, he meets the niece of one of his enemies—Oliver Townshend. Because she doesn’t know who Gabe is, he will become close to her to see if she knows any more of her uncle’s secrets. But the beauty of her companion, Miss Emmie, captures his attention, and her quirky personality keeps him wanting more. But her over-zealous nature for adventure places both of them in danger and he’s forced to play the honorable rogue.

How can he protect them both when an unknown spy is always one step ahead…and wants Gabe dead?


  1. I have read the first three of the series and LOVED them! I haven't stayed caught up with the series, I see that I really need to get back to it. Going to bump this one up my wishlist! Nice review! Happy Reading!

  2. I'm just the opposite. I read this book and loved it, but I haven't read the previous books. I'm thinking about going back to read them. You definitely should read on because this book was so good! Glad you enjoyed my review :)