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Destiny Gift (Everlast #1) by Juliana Haygert + Featured Freebie

Destiny Gift (Everlast, #1)Thirty years in the future, a sinister New York City exists in permanent darkness. 

A student at the secured NYU, nineteen-year-old Nadine has visions of Victor Gianni, an imaginary guy she has real feelings for. Afraid of being truly insane, she explains the visions away as simple daydreams, but she can no longer deny them when she bumps into Victor in real life. But this Victor doesn’t know her, and turns her away. After the encounter, Nadine’s visions change to those of eerie fates, gods she’s never heard of, demons with sharp claws they are not too timid to use … and instructions.

To discover if she’s losing her mind, Nadine follows the vague directions—with the real, rude and reluctant Victor—leading to a man who knows it all: Nadine can restore an ancient creed by unveiling the clues on her visions, and bring sunlight and peace to the world again. But that’s only if the demons and the other evil forces behind the darkness don’t stop her first.

My Rating: 5 Roses

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this book. But, since the idea of a girl dreaming about a boy and finding him in reality sounded so interesting, I decided to give it a shot. And, wow, did this book blow my mind! Two hot guys, a fascinating mythology, and a huge secret made Destiny Gift a fantastic read.

The world building in this book was brilliant. The atmosphere of a dark and sinister world was spot on. And the mythology that was introduced and how it was tied to the state of the world was wonderfully done. I'm happy to say that I found not one hole in the world building. 

Nadine was a likable heroine. She is very easy to relate to. She was a normal girl who became caught up in a massive conflict between gods. She held her own and refused to back down to anyone. She wasn't the most memorable heroine as I wanted to see a little more fire in her, to see her fighting back. Maybe we'll see that in the next book. But, regardless of that, I still really liked her character.

Victor was kind of confusing. He was so sweet in Nadine's dreams, but when he appears in reality, that goes down the tubes. But, even when he was acting like a jerk, I could still see that he was a good guy. And he did have a reason to act the way he did. By the end, I was starting to fall for him.

There was another guy in the book, Micah. Where Victor was sweet, he was smoldering. Loved him. He was brilliant.

The romance wasn't precisely a love triangle. It was obvious where Nadine heart lay. But, there was a potential for a love triangle. In this book, that factor wasn't very intense. It was the beginning stages and the author took her time in developing the romance. I thought it was very well done and I can't wait to see how it plays out. After the revelation at the end of this book, I don't know how that will work out, but we'll see.

The plot was fast paced. There were many twists and turns. And tons of secrets. At the end, there was a massive revelation that completely blew me away. Oh my goodness, I never saw it coming. When I thought the series was going to go one way, this revelation totally threw it into another. Ugh, I can't wait to get my hands on the next book. I need to find out what happens next!

Destiny Gift was a brilliant NA paranormal romance. Secrets, twists, hot guys, and the promise of romance make this book just fabulous. If you're looking for a great NA paranormal read, you must read this book!

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a historical romance that sounds good: Untouched by Jenna Stone. Go forth and get it for free!

Bound by duty to her Highland clan, Tessa Brodie must do the unthinkable - she must cast aside her dreams of love and marry Angus Grant, a man old enough to be her grandsire to secure a war-time alliance.The harsh reality of her impending marriage forces Tessa to face the truth - she has fallen desperately in love with her childhood protector and best friend, Ethan Mackenzie.

Tessa makes a bold request of Ethan that will forever change the course of their lives.She asks him to take her virginity so that she will know the passion of being with a man that she loves.

If Ethan indulges the deepest desires of his heart, will he ever be able to relinquish Tessa to another man?

Or will he choose to fight for Tessa and the love they share by risking everything to claim her as his own?

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