Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baring It All (Novella): A Loveswept Historical Romance by Megan Frampton + Featured Freebie

Baring It All (Novella): A Loveswept Historical Romance
Megan Frampton turns up the heat on one bride-to-be and her oblivious bridegroom in this steamy and scandalous eBook original novella of Regency romance.

It is with great discretion that this columnist discusses the sensitive topic of undergarments. Some ladies, it seems, do not pay strict attention to what they wear under their gowns. A crucial error, my ladies.

Lady Violet knows Lord Christian Jepstow is interested in women. The problem is, he hasn’t seemed to realize that Violet is a living, breathing woman—a woman with needs. Which is a huge problem, considering the fact that Violet and Christian are betrothed. Violet has no intention of saying her vows without knowing if her husband has the capacity to love her properly, so she does what anyone would do in her situation—she steps into his study and offers to take off her clothes. What happens next could be an utter disaster . . . or it could be surprising, seductive, and sizzlingly sexy.

My Rating: 5 Roses

Very sweet, very hot, and very cute. In other words, Baring it All was a wonderful historical romance novella!

I'm going to keep this short, because this novella was only 36 pages long.

Both character were wonderful. Violet was likable and her antics had me laughing.
Christian was so perfect. Very intelligent and somewhat distracted because of that. But, when something does catch his attention...I won't say any more ;)

The heat was sizzling and the romance was sweet. Brilliantly done.

Cute story. I love this authors' writing! Megan Frampton is definitely one of my favorite historical romance writers. Can't wait to read more from her!

If you're looking for a quick, wonderful romance, this sweet and spicy novella is for you.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Loveswept for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a medieval romance that sounds great: A Knight's Persuasion by Catherine Kean . Go forth and get it for free!

When Edouard de Lanceau, son of Moydenshire's great Lord Geoffrey de Lanceau, finds an unconscious wounded woman lying in a river, he's shocked to recognize Lady Juliana de Greyne, to whom he was once almost betrothed. The previous year, his bet with a friend to win her kiss went awry, and the commitment to her never proceeded. When Juliana's sister deceived him into betrothing her instead, Edouard became honor-bound to wed her; yet he still desires Juliana. Taking her in his arms, he vows to discover who would want her dead—and why.

While riding to an important meeting on behalf of his ill father, Edouard must face Lord Geoffrey's enemies, who have returned to Moydenshire to destroy him. Taken prisoner and chained in a tower, Edouard must fight not only for his life but for Juliana's as well. When Juliana wakes, she has no memory of who she is or what happened to her. She only knows she's captive in a chamber alongside a man in chains who insists he knows her.

For reasons unknown, her feelings for this stranger run strong. Were they once lovers, or is he a cold-blooded killer? Determined to regain her memories and know the truth, Lady Juliana discovers that nothing can vanquish love or the power of a knight's persuasion.

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