Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Magic of "I Do" by Tammy Falkner + Featured Freebie

The Magic of "I Do" (Faerie, #2)

Claire Thorne is a faerie on a mission. When the governing body of her world puts a prohibition on magic, she escapes to the human world and straight into the arms of Lord Phineas Tremble. When he insists on being her crime-solving partner, she does everything she can to get rid of him—until she realizes his gift for smooth talking might come in handy when tracking down a killer. 

Before long, Finn has his hands full keeping Claire out of trouble, because the two of them together create more sparks than her faerie dust ever could...

My Rating: 5 Roses

Brilliant! I absolutely adored The Magic of "I Do." It was a lovely romance mixed with faerie fantasy-a perfect combination.

I love books that are combinations of historical and paranormal romance. So I had high expectations for this book. And it went above and beyond what I hoped for. It was wonderful!

Claire was a great heroine. She was very strong and refused to let anyone rule her. My one issue with her was that she was very set in her ways-very black and white about things. It frustrated me a few times. But, it wasn't a huge problem. I still really liked her. Once she got over her issues, she was brilliant. Strong, clever, and willing to sacrifice anything to help those she loved. I really liked her character.

Finn was amazing. He was perfection and I adored him from page one. He was so sweet and strong and determined to do anything to protect his loved ones. And it didn't hurt that he was so attractive. He was the perfect hero and I could go on and on about how amazing he was, but I'll move on before I bore you.

I loved the romance between Claire and Finn. They were a lovely couple. I thought it was so sweet that Finn knew from the beginning that he loved Claire and stayed true to her immediately after they met. They were so sweet together. And, there was some serious spice with them right from their first meeting. And we get a healthy dose of it throughout the book. 

I liked how the magical components of the book were woven in. The faerie world was seamlessly added to the Victorian world and it added a lovely touch of magic.

The plot was fast paced and I was hooked right away. I was riveted throughout the entire book. And the ending was so lovely. A sweet, romantic ending that left me smiling.

The Magic of "I Do" was a brilliant romance. All romance lovers should definitely give it a read.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a YA romance that I've hosted for here: At First Touch by Mattie Dunman. Go forth and get it for free!

Liz Hannigan has been on the run since she was twelve years old.
Her mother is dead. Her father has lost his job. And thanks to an experimental procedure, Liz is now able to ‘download’ the contents of every brain around her with a simple touch. Forced to hide from both the federal government and a darkling group of morally deficient scientists known as the Coalition who are determined to exploit her abilities, she moves with her father to the bucolic coal town of Pound, West Virginia.

But the hunt for Liz and her abilities hasn’t ended, and her hopes for peace are shattered when she inadvertently downloads the enigmatic Carey Drake, whose unusual good looks and charm conceal a secret as shocking as her own. Stunned by the knowledge that she has found someone else with extraordinary abilities, Liz finds herself drawn to Carey, discovering a deep attraction and dares to hope for the first time she might find love.

But when an agent of the Coalition begins stalking her, Liz must find a way to work with the government agency she most mistrusts as she strives to build a longed-for normal life and evade the agent who has tracked her down. Caught up in a struggle to save herself and those she loves, the girl who sees all is blind to true danger until it is too late.

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