Monday, May 13, 2013

The Devil's Pearl (House of Trent #0.5) by Jennifer Haymore + Featured Freebie

The Devil's Pearl (House of Trent, #0.5)Sir Devlin Vaughn will never forget the sweet, sensual pleasures of his beloved “Jewel.” Charmingly naive in the ways of love, she had blossomed under his guidance to become the most skilled lover a man could ever desire. And desire her he did—especially after she disappeared, leaving him alone and longing for her touch. Now, Devlin will do anything to get her back. Even kidnap her…

Julia Beaumont will never forget the man who unlocked her deepest desires and made her crave things no decent woman should. Fearing she would never be more than his mistress, she left, vowing never to see him again—until one reckless night, when a stranger in black appears from the shadows and sweeps her away to his bedroom chamber. Now, she will be his courtesan, his captive, his slave. Can she free herself from Devlin’s thrall, or will their passion be her ultimate undoing?

My Rating: 4 Roses

A wonderful romance full of love, betrayals, and lies. The Devil's Pearl was a lovely novella, a great peek into a new series.

Misunderstandings and lies fuel this book. Devlin and Julia were in love and happy. Until, a cruel viscount starts feeding Julia lies and tears the couple apart. A year later, both are still hurt and angry. And desperation leads Devlin to take Julia for a chance to find out why.

Julia was a little difficult. I kind of understood why she was susceptible to the lies the viscount told her. Despite their love for each other, Devlin hadn't said anything about a permanent relationship. But, if she loved  Devlin, why didn't she have enough faith in him to talk to him about it? This wasn't a huge bother, but it was a bit frustrating. However, I still really liked her character. No matter what others thought, she always tried to do the right thing. Overall, she was great.

Devlin was also a wonderful character. After watching the love of his life run away from him with another man and hearing rumors of her debauched ways for a year, he's incredibly hurt and wants nothing more than to know why she did it. I felt so bad for him. He's been through so much hurt, yet he still loves Julia. He was utterly amazing and I adored him.

The romance was brilliantly done. Despite all the obstacles, these two clearly belonged together. They were a sweet couple. And when sparks flew, it got very hot!

The plot was great. There were surprises in store as all the misunderstandings were cleared away. And the ending was so sweet!

The Devil's Pearl was a wonderful romance novella. If you want a great, quick read, this is the novella for you.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Forever Yours for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
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