Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lachlan's Bride by Kathleen Harrington

Lachlan's Bride (Highland Lairds Trilogy, #2)He is Lachlan MacRath, laird and pirate. And he intends to be her lover…

Lady Francine Walsingham cannot believe this warrior is to be her escort into Scotland. It is whispered that Lachlan MacRath has magical powers…how else do you explain his success as a pirate? But trust him she must, for a treacherous plot is about to reveal all her secrets…and Francine has no choice but to act as his lover to keep her enemies at bay.

When Lachlan first sees Francine, the blonde beauty stirs his blood like no woman ever before. As luck would have it, they must now play the besotted couple so he can protect her…and Lachlan is determined to use all his seductive prowess to properly woo her into his bed.

My Rating: 5 Roses
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Great highland romance! Lachlan's Bride combined brilliant romance and political intrigue to make a wonderful read.

Francine was a good heroine, though she occasionally frustrated me. She was very quick to judge when it came to highlanders, just because her fiance was killed by a highlander (not true, by the way). And just because of rumors surrounding Lachlan about black magic, she believed that he was a wicked sorcerer. It made her quick to see any flaw in him and slow to see how great of a guy he was. But, that wasn't a deal-breaker. She was a strong heroine and faced all the political drama without flinching. And, after she got over her issues, she was accepting of Lachlan and his position in the alliance between Scotland and England. So, in the end, I liked her just fine.

Lachlan was just amazing throughout the entire book. He might be a pirate, but he can navigate the political scene just as well as he could navigate the sea. I loved how sweet he was with Francine's daughter, Angelica. He was so adorable with her. He would very clearly be a great father. And I appreciated the fact that he didn't wallow in denial about his feelings for Francine. Once he realized he loved her, he did everything he could to make her fall for him. He was perfect.

The romance was well done. They were very sweet together, especially with Lachlan's determination to keep Francine safe. And they could really get the heat going. Sparks were flying between them from the minute they met and they could get very hot.

The plot was fast paced. The political intrigue kept the thrills going. And the secrets revealed toward the end...never saw them coming. They were definitely a surprise. And the ending was a sweet, happy ending.

Lachlan's Bride was a lovely highland romance, mixed with great political drama. Romance lovers, you should check this book out.

*Thanks to Edelweiss and Avon Books for a copy!

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