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Ethan (Lonely Lords #3) by Grace Burrowes + Featured Freebie

Ethan (Lonely Lords, #3)

At the age of fourteen, Ethan Grey was banished by his titled father into a hell his legitimate siblings never learned of. Now that the old earl is dead, and Ethan is a widower with two children to raise, he finds himself attracted to Alice Portman, the boys scholarly, reserved governess. Alice also has a shadowed past, and she and Ethan must face the demon haunting them both if they’re to win their chance for a happily ever after.

My Rating: 4/5

Somewhat conflicted. Started out slow, but turned out well-I liked it, by the end. Ethan was a lovely addition to the wonderful Lonely Lords series.

There was a lot of darkness in this book, more so than an average romance. Both Ethan and Alice have horrifying secrets in their past. And the darkest parts of their pasts both originate from the same man: Hart Collins. But, this book was more about them helping each other move on. It was sweet and a wonderful read.

I didn't like Alice at first. It bothered me that she judged Ethan before she even met him and was determined to hate him when she didn't even know him. She was mean to him and I already felt protective toward his character because of his difficult past. So, things didn't start off well for her. But, as the book progressed, her character developed and she grew kinder. I slowly warmed up to her and I eventually liked her. She ended up proving herself as a strong, worthy heroine who was able to survive terrible events and still keep going. 

Ethan had me from page one. He was so brilliant. He has been though hell and back and, yet, he still managed to be a wonderful, sweet, honorable man. Despite being banished from his family, his terrible experience at the hands of Hart Collins, the disaster of his marriage with his first wife, he was still so amazing. I loved the development of his relationship with his sons, both of whom were incredibly adorable. At the beginning, he resisted interacting with them because they brought back memories of his first marriage. But, throughout the course of the book, he spent more time with them and became a wonderful father. It was so sweet. Ethan was a brilliant character and, as I'm sure is very obvious, I adored him.

Alice and Ethan's relationship developed steadily. They didn't have the greatest of beginnings, but the growth of the love between them was so sweet. I loved how their romance allowed both of them to heal from their pasts. There was definitely a sprinkle of spice with these two, just enough to keep things interesting. 

As I've mentioned before Hart Collins was the antagonist in this book. There are very few antagonists that I've hated so thoroughly. I have to comment Ms. Burrows for making an antagonist that drew an emotional reaction out of me. Usually, I'm indifferent toward the antagonist, only caring about them enough to just want them out of the way. But, I truly hated Collins.

The plot was okay, though it did stall in a few paces. Not enough that I was bored but enough that it felt like it dragged a little. But, I was still kept interested the entire time. The secrets that are unveiled throughout the book had my jaw dropping. And the ending was lovely, a very deserved happy ending for Ethan and Alice.

Ethan was a lovely historical romance. Despite a few minor issues, I really liked it. Lovers of the genre, you should definitely give this book a read.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
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