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A Rose in the Storm by Brenda Joyce + Featured Freebie

A Rose in the StormWhen Rivalry Becomes Passion 
With warfare blazing through Scotland, the fate of the Comyn-MacDougall legacy depends on one woman. Recently orphaned, young Margaret Comyn must secure her clan's safety through an arranged marriage. But when an enemy invasion puts her at the mercy of the notorious Wolf of Lochaber, her every loyalty—and secret want—will be challenged.

And A Kingdom Is At Stake
Legendary warrior Alexander "The Wolf" MacDonald rides with Robert Bruce to seize the throne of Scotland. But when he takes the fiery Lady Margaret prisoner, she quickly becomes far more than a valuable hostage. For the passion between them threatens to betray their families, their country . . . and their hearts.

My Rating: 3 Roses
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This was a very "eh" book for me. I kind of liked it. It was an okay read. But, I definitely didn't love it. 

Let me start by saying that I loved the historical detail in this book. This is set during a very turbulent time in history and the author portrays that very well. The betrayals, the changes in loyalty, the uncertainty of the future. It was all perfectly captured. And Margaret's role in all this was pivotal. She was very much a single rose caught in the storm of politics going on. The richness of the historical detail was perfection.

I really liked Margaret's character. She was a major pawn in the battles of loyalty, but she didn't let herself be used. She fought back and held on to her loyalties. Though she held on a little too stubbornly at times. I appreciated that she wanted to stay true to her original beliefs, but after everything that happened, she was between loyalties and she had to choose and it took her a while to see that. Otherwise, I liked her character.

Alexander was a formidable character. He was very clever and not the kind of man you want to mess with. He's not just a bunch of muscles. He's intensely intelligent and skilled in battle tactics. But, he could also be very sweet when he wanted to be. And he was intensely loyal to his cause and to his loved ones. Overall, he was a good character.

The romance kind of got swallowed up in all the historical details. Though it played a big role, it was overrun by the political aspects of the book, which was one of my issues with this book. It tended to shift from historical romance to historical fiction. The romance was okay, but it wasn't as developed as I wished it had been. However, I still thought that Margaret and Alexander were a great couple. And, for those who want to know, this was a fairly clean romance.

The plot was another weak spot. It dragged in a few places. I never lost interest, but there were points where I skimmed. The ending did a great job of tying up the romance while leaving the political issues open for history to complete. 

A Rose in the Storm was an okay read for me. I liked it, but I didn't love it. If you like your historical romance with a lot of historical detail, this is your book. It does a great job in setting up the history. But, if you prefer romance to be the main focus, then you might want to move on to another book.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin Books for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a western historical romance that sounds interesting: To Tame a Renegade by Connie Mason. Go forth and get it for free!

Hot on the trail of an elusive bank robber, Chad Delaney couldn’t afford to stay long in one place. But the hard-hearted bounty hunter had a soft spot for children in need, an affliction that led him straight to the door of Sarah Temple, her five-year-old son in hand. In no time, Sarah’s violet eyes and fiercely independent manner rooted him to the spot. He’d heard the rumors of her wanton ways, and watching the sway of her hips and the gleam of her raven hair, he wished to sample every one of them.

The last thing Sarah wanted was to be nursed night and day by the rugged lawman who showed up at her doorstep, The burns on her arms were minor compared with the pain brought by years of the town’s scorn. But under Chad’s tender ministrations, she felt the heat of her fury turn to flames of desire. And she vowed to conquer his wanderlust with white-hot passion, to tie him to her in a bond forged of true love.

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