Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Little Night Mischief by Emily Greenwood + Featured Freebie

A Little Night Mischief (Mischief, #1)

Regency romance author Emily Greenwood makes a strong debut with a playful series about young ladies who discover that a little mischief can be a good thing!

When Miss Felicity Wilcox's uncle gambles away the estate, she decides to disguise herself as a ghost to rid her home of the handsome new owner. Except James Collington doesn't scare easily, and haunting his nights is turning out to be far more amusing mischief than she ever would have guessed. With everything to lose, these two adversaries can't allow their hearts to rule—or can they?

My Rating: 4 Roses

A very cute historical romance! A Little Night Mischief was a sweet book that charms.

Felicity was a good heroine, though I had a couple of issues with her that made me knock off a star. She was very stubborn in her opinions and that ended up being to her disadvantage. Despite her good impression of James in their anonymous first meeting, she immediately hates him for being the man that won her house in a game of cards. At first, it was understandable. But, after James showed himself to be a good man, a true gentleman, her persistence in thinking bad of him was frustrating. And even after she decided that she did like James, she insisted upon trying to drive him away, this time in order to protect her heart. It wasn't a major problem, but it was irritating. 
Nonetheless, I did like her character. Later in the book, she loosens up and becomes a genuinely likable heroine. If anything, her stubbornness revealed a strength of character. And, besides that, she was a clever, strong woman whose determination was admirable.

James was amazing from the beginning. He had his reasons for seeking to own the estate, which were selfless in nature. He was so sweet and charming. He had me falling for him within the first chapter. As I mentioned before, he was a true gentleman. He was utterly perfect, everything a romance hero should be.

The romance between these two was very sweet, despite the obstacles. Even when they were at odds, it was clear that they were perfect together. And when the sparks flew, it got hot! 

The plot was fast paced. I loved the playfulness within the book. With the tag line for the series, I was hoping for that and this book delivered. The lightheartedness was so cute. It had me smiling throughout the whole book. And it kept me hooked all the way to the sweet, perfect ending.

A Little Night Mischief was a lovely, lighthearted, historical romance. Lovers of romance, you should definitely give this book a read.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a book from one of my favorite Highlander series: Unwanted by Kerrigan Byrne. Go forth and get it for free!

His heart was made of ice...
Born a nameless bastard into the Berserker horde, Finn is the measure of strength, ferocity, and brutality at the Temple of Freya. Sent to the Highlands bent on revenge and murder, he stumbles on an infant deserted in the snow. What he chooses next may seal his fate.

Her life was cold and empty...Rhona McEwan has lost everything. Her husband, her child, and soon she fears she must relinquish her dignity in order to survive the bitter Highland winter. When the most fearsome, mysterious, and breathtaking man seeks the help she can give to the child in his arms, she's unable to turn them away. Even though she's not certain he's entirely human.

Three of the world's Unwanted...On a snowy Solstice night during the magical Yuletide season, their need for each other may alter their destines forever.

In the third installment of the best-selling Highland Historical Series, Kerrigan Byrne weaves a tale of blood and vengeance, of love, redemption, and the bonds that make a family.

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