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What a Lady Needs by Kasey Michaels + Featured Freebie

What a Lady Needs (The Redgraves, #2)
Lady Katherine Redgrave has one mission—to find her deceased father's journals, which may hold the key to a traitorous conspiracy that puts Kate's family in danger. Kate vows to let no obstacle stand in her way . . . but when she meets Simon Ravenbill, Marquis of Singleton, her attention is diverted as the sinfully handsome nobleman tempts her beyond reason.

Simon has a mission of his own: to uncover the truth about the secret society he believes murdered his brother. All he needs is to get to the Redgrave journals before Kate does. The solution is simple—he'll romance the fiery beauty in hopes of distracting her from her quest, all while covertly searching for the diaries himself. Yet what begins as a charade soon becomes an all-consuming desire . . . one that could lead them down the most dangerous path of all.

My Rating: 4/5

Not completely perfect, but still a wonderful read! What a Lady Needs was a book that mixed sweet romance with the intrigue of a secret devil's club.

I really liked the first book in the Redgraves series, What an Earl Wants, so I was hoping to like this book as well. Though I didn't love it as much and I did book 1, I definitely liked this book. I love the Redgraves. That family is so lively and reading about them is a blast. And the whole premise of uncovering a secret society is positively thrilling. So, though I didn't adore this book, I really liked it.

Kate was a great character. She was so hilarious. She was incredibly stubborn and, while that worked to her advantage sometimes, other times it just got her stuck in odd situations. Her reactions to everything that was going on had me cracking up. But, besides that, she was a strong, determined heroine. She was totally awesome.

Simon was just as great. In the beginning, he was a serious, staid character. But, as his relationship with Kate deepened, he loosened up. He was clever, focused, and a force to be reckoned with. But, he was also sweet and absolutely endearing at times. He was a wonderful hero and I adored him.

Kate and Simon were a wonderful couple. They seemed to balance each other out. They were so sweet. And things definitely got spicy on a few occasions. I loved them together-one of my new favorite romance couples.

Val plays a big role in this book, and I already adore him, just from how he is in this book. I believe his story is next, and I'm so excited to read it. 

Adam, Jessica's brother, also showed up a lot. He was still so ridiculous that it was hilarious. His foppish ways had me laughing so hard. It was so funny. I hope he showed up even more in the next books because I just love his character. He totally cracks me up.

The plot was the weak spot in the book. The first quarter and second quarter were fast paced and had me hooked. But the middle half dragged. Despite my enjoyment of the characters and their story, I didn't feel like anything truly important happened in the middle. It wasn't terrible, I wasn't tempted to stop reading at any point. But I did skim a little in some parts. So that brought down the book a little. However I still loved it. When the plot picked up, I was on the edge of my seat. The new revelations about the secret devil's club sent chills down my spine. I can't wait to read more revelations about it in the next books. And the ending was a sweet happy ending, with a nice lead into book 3.

Other than the slow plot in some parts of the book, I really enjoyed What a Lady Needs. I loved the characters, the story line, the writing style. And I'm so looking forward to the next Redgraves book. To all romance lovers, you should definitely read this book.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have 2 historical romances for you: Unruly Hearts by Adrianne Wood and Forbidden Angel by Sandra Lea Rice. Go forth and get them for free!


Texas, 1872: Rancher Ben Westingame gets engaged to the wrong woman while trying to do the right thing. Too late, he realizes that his new fiancée's friend has the spirit and passion he's been searching for all his life. But her secrets may ruin their chance at finding happiness together....
Featuring a big-hearted and impulsive heroine, a hero who needs to live down a bad reputation, and loads of adventure and romance against a Texas backdrop, this charming book will both make you laugh and tug at your heart.

When Adrian Spencer, The Tenth Earl of Windsford, finds himself the unlikely guardian of the one woman he cannot forget, he has a decision to make. He can follow the dictates of his heart and pursue Angeline and the sensual promise implicit in her eyes, or adhere to the strict moral code he was born to uphold and deny them both. 

Made to flee England after the murder of his fiancée, Adrian builds an empire in America. When his past and present combine in the form of Angeline Ashley, it’s time to prove his innocence and reclaim what is rightfully his. To do this, he must return to England and prove the guilt of his long-time nemesis, Charles Malcolm.

At the death of her father and step-mother, Angeline is given a letter telling her to ‘seek the truth’ and hints at a mystery surrounding her mother and Angeline’s own birth. But when Charles Malcolm, one of England’s most notorious rakes, produces a note against a large gambling debt, Angeline is given two choices; marriage to Charles, or see her father’s name besmirched and her young brother’s future ruined. But Angeline will have neither of those choices. Instead, she chooses to accompany her brother to America and seeks shelter with his guardian, a man she has adored since childhood.

When Charles appears in Texas, it becomes obvious that there is more behind his obsession with Angeline than just lust for a beautiful woman.

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