Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Storm Book Tour: Review + Favorite Quote+ Giveaway!

Welcome to my stop for The Storm blog tour! I have a review of this lovely book, my favorite quote, as well as a bookmark and 4 e-copies of the book. But, first, allow me to introduce the book:

The Storm
Millicent Parker, and her two brothers, have been alive for over two centuries and counting. Ever since a storm changed their lives, a storm that gave them powers to create storm elements, Millicent and her brothers have been through every war, trend and crisis throughout history since then.

When it's time to come out of hiding yet again, Milli sets out to what she thinks will be yet another long three years of high school, another long school year without friends, another long life without Felix.

But when Felix somehow appears at her new school after 282 years, Millicent is excited, confused, and heartbroken. Felix doesn't want her anymore, his attention is focused on his new girlfriend.

Then, something strange happens...Millicent finds out that her and her brothers aren't the only ones with storm powers.

Felix Walter can control thunder.

But when disaster strikes, taking everything, and everyone she's ever loved and cared about. Will Millicent fight back? Or will she give into the people who took everything from her?

My Rating: 3.5/5

A sweet YA paranormal romance. The Storm was a nice read. Not perfect, but definitely enjoyable.

I loved the idea for this book. It was so unique and interesting. However, I wish that more information was given on exactly how Millicent, Michael, Matthew, and Felix got their powers. I know they got them while in the storm, but I wanted to know why and how that occurred. Just for the sake of complete world building. The lack of explanation kind of left a hole in the world building. But, I was able to move past that, so not a huge deal.

Millicent was a good character. Quite a few times, she acted a little too immature considering the fact that she was almost 300 years old, so she did frustrate me. She could be a little childish. But, she did manage to prove herself, regardless. She showed herself to be a strong heroine. When it came down to it and she needed to step up, she definitely did. Not to mention her devotion to her thought-to-be-dead fiance. So, in the end, I liked her.

Felix was a sweet love interest. Like Millicent, he has been devoted to his lost love for centuries. He had only begun to lose faith right before the start of events in this book, centuries after he thought he lost her. I loved the devotion between those two. It was so sweet.

I really adored Millicent's brothers-Matthew and Michael. It was so sweet how close these siblings were. They've been taking care of each other for countless years and it shows in their relationship. Matthew and Michael were great characters. I loved how protective they were over their little sister. I really hope that they get to have a happy ending later.

I had an issue with the writing style for this book. It tended to be juvenile and there were quite a few grammatical errors. It distracted from enjoyment of the story. But, I was still able to enjoy the book regardless of the issues, so it wasn't bad enough to be a deal-breaker.

The plot was fast paced and I was hooked the entire way through. There were a few surprises and betrayals in store. The ending felt a little rushed and I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I assume there will be a sequel, since the ending felt very open. But, I was satisfied with how the book ended. It tied up the story arc and gave our characters a chance at a happy ending.

The Storm had its issues, but, in the end, I enjoyed it. Though I may not have loved it, I definitely liked it. To YA romance lovers, you might want to give this one a look.

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review
Favorite Quote:

"I would never ever stop loving Felix, even if he didn’t love me anymore. My heart didn’t know how to love anyone else. It had been loving the same person for centuries."

I really liked this quote. It summed up the devotion Millicent and Felix felt for each other. Over two centuries and neither has forgotten the other. What could be sweeter than that?
Up for grabs are 4 e-copies of the book and bookmarks. Ends April 16.
Good luck!

About the Author:

Madison is a teen homeschool writer, writing away the stresses of life.

She lives in Ohio, with her parents and her younger sister. She also loves to dance, (she’s a whiz at Just Dance) and reads as many books as she has time for. The songs she listens to be inspiration are from Disney Channel’s Camp Rockand Highschool Musical. Her computer is full of unfinished books.
Her debut novel, Shadow Future, is about a girl who tries to find herself, and tries to get through life, as it throws it's worst at her—paranormal style.


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