Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The League of Illusions: Prophecy by Vivi Anna Blog Tour: Review

The League of Illusion: ProphecyLondon, 1851
With his brother Sebastian missing, illusionist Rhys Davenport is running out of time and leads. He knows only that Sebastian disappeared into Stonehenge and that an incomplete map is the key to finding him. And that the missing piece is in the possession of the unnervingly attractive psychic Corina Stratton.

Corina has no intention of giving her part of the map to the haughty Rhys Davenport. In fact, she needs to steal his half so she can heal her mother's malevolent spirit. She heads to London, only to be chased by a revengeful sorcerer right into Rhys's arms. Although touched by Rhys's plight, she agrees to go on his crazy quest only to get an opportunity to take what she came for.

With an airship full of fanatic elves after them, Rhys and Corina are forced into close quarters as they search for a portal. But to open it in time to find Sebastian, they must reconcile their differences and their growing feelings, or he'll be lost to them forever...

My Rating: 5/5

A wonderful steampunk romance! League of Illusion: Prophecy was a great read that blended fantastic steampunk and hot romance.

The characters in this novella were well developed. Despite the short length, I felt like I had gotten to know the characters.
Corina was a lovely heroine. She was very strong and admirable. I only had one thing about her that I didn't love. I didn't understand her determination to hold on to her mother's spirit after seeing her becoming a malevolent spirit. But, otherwise, I liked her.

Rhys was a great hero. He had a lot of depth, which is quite a feat in a novella. He was a sympathetic character. It was obvious early on that he had a lot of pain in his past. He was a remarkably powerful sorcerer, though he didn't know it yet. I adored him. He was sweet, strong, gentlemanly-basically perfect.
He and Corina were very sweet together. And they had sparks flying immediately and, when those sparks finally ignited, it was HOT.

The plot moved quickly but didn't feel rushed because of the short length. There were definitely a few thrills to be a had and a couple of surprises in store. The ending had me very curious to find out what happens next.

League of Illusions: Prophecy was lovely. Lovers of steampunk or romance, you should give this a read.

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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