Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ten Reasons to Stay by Sabrina Jeffries + Featured Freebie

Ten Reasons to Stay

In "Ten Reasons to Stay," previously published in the anthology The School for Heiresses, lessons go far beyond etiquette and needlepoint. Eliza Crenshawe’s lesson is to look before she leaps. But when she discovers that her new guardian plans to marry her off without so much as a Season, she forgets all that. She flees—on a horse she unwittingly steals (oops!)—from Colin Hunt, a newly minted earl who wants nothing more than for her to go home…or stay forever.

My Rating: 5/5

A sweet novella! Ten Reasons to Stay was a lovely story, a perfect historical romance.

Eliza was totally awesome. She was so hilarious. She was very impulsive and that got her into some sticky situations. But, she always got out of it. She was strong, determined, clever, and witty. I really liked her.

Colin was just as great. As a half-British, half-Indian Earl, he was unusual. But, that worked out very well for him. He was so sweet. I loved how, as soon as he realized he loved Eliza, he was determined to do whatever he had to do to keep her safe. I adored him.

Eliza and Colin has a sweet relationship. They were adorable together and it sparks went flying when they got into it. 

The plot was fast, the story brilliant, and the ending perfect.

Ten Reasons to Stay was a fantastic historical romance novella. Lovers of the genre, you'll want to check this one out.

*Thanks to Edelweiss and Pocket Star for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a historical romance that I absolutely love: Captured by Victoria Lynne. Go forth and get it for free!

Devon Blake's quick wits and good luck helped her survive on the streets of Liverpool. But in America, she finds herself in serious trouble. Accused of spying, she seems destined for the gallows. And it is handsome, dynamic Captain Cole McRae who must lead her to prison. Treachery destroyed Cole's ship and most of his crew. Now he's determined to see the dark-haired beauty responsible jailed for her heinous crime- and Devon's wild attempts at escape only fire his fury. But Cole and Devon's daring race through enemy territory ignites a passion stronger than vengeance.

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