Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lady Vivian Defies a Duke by Samantha Grace + Featured Freebie

Lady Vivian Defies a Duke (Beau Monde #4)

Lady Vivian Worth knows perfectly well how to behave like a lady. But observing proper manners when no one is around to impress is just plain silly. When Luke Forest, the newly named Duke of Foxhaven, arrives early to visit his bride-to-be, he catches Vivian acting most unladylike—in her chemise. Though amused by her unconventional ways, Luke hadn't planned on marrying such a sprightly and opinionated lady. He'll just have to find her another husband. But can he stand to see the vivacious woman in the arms of someone else?

My Rating: 4/5

So sweet! Lady Vivian Defies a Duke was a great romance, though it had one issue...

Vivian was a brilliant heroine. She was hilarious. She was rather impulsive and the situations she got herself into cracked me up. But she was also a strong character-she had to be to endure everything that occurred just because of one youthful mistake. However, I did wish that she was more decisive because she let small doubts about her and Luke's relationship mess with her head. Otherwise, I liked her a lot. She was a memorable heroine.

Luke was equally wonderful, though he shared the same tendency to let small doubts cloud his mind. But, he was still great. He was totally sweet and actually knew to admit his feelings for the woman he loved rather than just pine away. And he didn't let anything stop him once he knew what he wanted. 

Luke and Vivan were a sweet couple. There were sparks between them right away and those sparks were HOT. They were very cute together. I was glad that the arrangement of finding Vivian another husband didn't keep the development of their relationship-and the plot  in general-from developing. It didn't drag out needlessly. That issue was concluded in the first half of the book. The second half was more of a test of their relationship as obstacles came up.

The plot was fast paced for the first half. However, later in the book, the plot stalled a little. But, it kicked back into gear before I lost interest, so I didn't mind too much. There were thrills in store as a blackmailer and a jealous cousin attempted to break the lovely couple apart. And the ending was perfectly sweet.

Lady Vivian Defies a Duke was a wonderful read. Romance lovers, this is a good one!

*Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a contemporary romance that sounds great: A SEAL's Seduction by Tawny Weber. Go forth and get it for free!

Subject: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Blake Landon
Current Status: Two weeks of enforced leave
Mission: Distract himself in any way possible
Obstacle: A woman who tempts him to break the rules…including his own!

Navy SEAL Blake Landon (aka "Boy Scout") knows the rule book inside and out. Checked. Rechecked. But when a mission ends badly, his entire team is ordered on leave. And that's when Blake sees the tall redhead whose dark eyes suggest that the rules—especially those in bed—are made to be broken.

Scientist Alexia Lane has sex on the brain—partly for work, but mostly because she needs a man who makes her girly parts do the happy dance. Her only no-no? No military dudes. But Blake's rockin' bod promises delicious pleasures, and Alexia is halfway to sexual Nirvana before she can find out he's actually a Navy SEAL.

And where one rule is broken, more are sure to follow….

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