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Claimed by Him Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway Info

Welcome to my post for the Claimed by Him blog tour. I have a guest post from the author for you. But, first, allow me to introduce the book:

Claimed by HimGraves Buchanan has had to climb farther and higher than any of his friends, singlehandedly becoming a billionaire in less than two decades, even with a rotten poor childhood in the streets. He likes sex the way he learned it; animal, raw and without any strings attached. But even as messed-up as he is, he cares deeply for his best friend’s baby sister, Chloe Lexington. But Chloe is an heiress, a ‘princess’, and no matter how much he wants her, Graves doesn’t think he has it in him to handle a girl like her.

But Chloe has other plans for him, and she’s not taking no for an answer. She’s been warned against Graves by her brother, Daniel, and against all of his eccentric billionaire friends, but Chloe has merely been biding her time. Now that she’s almost twenty-five, she’s determined to have the man she’s always wanted, and she’ll use anything as incentive to be claimed by him, at last.

Guest Post:
What do you run on?
Writing is a tricky business. To write you need an active brain, and sometimes, like when you don’t feel like exercising…well, sometimes the brain just doesn’t feel like doing anything particularly creative. It’s all right in a world where you don’t have deadlines, but when you do, you can’t really afford to waste days and days with a lazy brain. So what do you do?

I’ve heard for a lot of authors their method is different. For me, I notice that my brain gets lazy if I lose interest. For the past year, I’ve made it a point to write only about people that I’m passionate about. I can’t allow my brain to rest when I am angsting for them to get the happy ending they deserve! So I believe that I run on passion to write. Actually, I think I run on passion for everything I do. I’m the “all or nothing” kind of girl who acts before she thinks. I love passion in any shape or form. Passion for collecting, loving, living, exercising, eating right, friends, lovers, family…

I know that it was passion, of the deep, soul-wrenching kind, that made me begin to write Claimed by Him, the first digital novella of my Billionaire’s Club series. It was passion that kept me writing all these amazingly sexy books, and the passion these couples shared was so blatantly intoxicating, I just kept coming back to soak in more of their passion for each other.

A lot of my writer friends are more methodical than I am. They’re think before they act and they have incredibly successful careers which they manage with much less stress than I do, I’ll tell you that! I don’t know what they do it, but I know that they also run on something that is incredibly deep and forceful. Their brains and spirits run on something, everyone’s do. Order, maybe? Control and organization? Love for the craft? Passion, perfectly leashed?

For all you writers out there, what’s your fuel? What is it that keeps you going when the going gets tough, or the brain gets wonkers?

And what about for all you readers out there. What fuels your hobbies and jobs, your life in general?

Graves Buchanan, the hero of Claimed by Him, is a very methodical man. He seems outwardly calm, but in reality, he’s the calm of a hurricane about to reach the coast. Inside, he burns for one woman, and he truly, deeply burns for her. How much will he stand before he stops thinking of all the reasons he can’t have her, and make her his once and for all? I hope you find out and get a copy today. Plus, if you’d like to leave an honest review up on Amazon, you could win a Kindle or a Nook (winner’s choice!). Stop by my site for more details!

In the meantime, leave a message and let me know what you run on! I’d love to know your kind of fuel! J

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