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The Ferryman and the Flame Series Tour + GIVEAWAY

Welcome to my post for the Ferryman and the Flame Blog Tour! I have a series review and a lovely giveaway coming up. But, let me first introduce the books:

Surrender (The Ferryman and the Flame, #1)

How far would you go to save everything you ever loved?

Kaliel was warned about her love for the Ferryman. One day he will marry the land and leave Avristar forever. She doesn't listen, and because of what she is-- a Flame-- one of nine apocalyptic weapons, she sparks a war. In a desperate attempt to save her home and her love, Kaliel tries to awaken Avred, not knowing she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.


This is SURRENDER from the villain's POV.

Hadwen is no more. The Daed have no choice but to travel to Avrigost to awaken Crestaos. They're thrown into a whirlwind quest for the Flames, not knowing how ruthless and sadistic Crestaos can be.

Meet Isadora The Iolite Flame, Lotesse The Emerald Flame, Cossisea The Ruby Flame, Shezeel The Quartz Flame and Tiki The Carnelian Flame in this novella that dives deeper into Kaliel and Krishani's nightmare.


Justice (The Ferryman and the Flame, #2)

How far would you go to destroy yourself?

Krishani always knew he would have to go to the Lands of Men, but he never thought it would be like this. Enemies everywhere, an ancestor he can't respect, elders he can't trust, a curse he can't stop and friends he can't help but hate. Desperate to end the pain, he sets out on a quest to find the other Flames and face the enemy that took everything from him.

This is JUSTICE from the villain's POV.

The Daed are pawns to one of the most powerful members of the Valtanyana. Crestaos is insane, his hunger for the Flames insatiable. The closer the Daed get to achieving his goal, the more expendable they become.

My Overall Series Rating: 3/5

First of all, let me say that this entire series has some of the most gorgeous covers I've ever seen. Seriously, each one is so pretty.
But, moving on...

The Ferryman and the Flame is an imaginative series that transports you to a world that is both beautiful and dangerous. Though there are a few issues, this series is a lovely read.

Let me just get the bad out of the way. I really wish that the world and the magic within it were better explained. A lot of times, I would end up confused because the world-building wasn't detailed enough. It made difficult to understand what was going on so that I could actually enjoy the book.

The setting, however, was excellent. And by the setting, I mean the visual surroundings within the book. They were well done. I felt like I was truly in the middle of this new world that the author created.

The characters go through constant growth. None of them are static. They all change and grow and I though that process of character development was very well done.

Kaliel was a great heroine. She was strong and dealt with all of the chaos because of her identity. And, I have to admire what she does at the end of book 1 to save her entire world. Just from her actions then, I have to like her. But, overall, she was a wonderful heroine.

Krishani was an equally lovely hero. He was strong, clever, and determined. He and Kaliel were a sweet couple. Though the beginning of their relationship was a bit rushed, I though they were a wonderful couple. Whenever they were together in a scene, I could feel their love for each other, which was so sweet.

I really like how Lantern & Poison and Blood & Dust gave an insight into the villain's mind. It allowed for great understanding of what was going on.

The plot was well paced. Though it stalled a few times within to books, it was generally fast paced and kept me interested the entire way. And the endings had me anxious for the next book. Now, I would love to find out what happens in book 3: Vulture.

*I received free copies in exchange for an honest review

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