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Love Is in the Heir by Kathryn Caskie + Featured Freebie

Love Is in the HeirFiddlesticks! I am sure the ladies Letitia and Viola Featherton are wrong when it comes to matchmaking. They insist that it has all to do with love. I, Miss Hannah Chillton, believe one has only to bring a couple together and let nature take its true course. To prove my point, I secretly plan to match the ladies themselves. Lud, what a challenge! They are practically in their dotage.
And love certainly does not signify in the match the Featherton sisters are making for me. True, when Lord St. Albans and I first met, he fair took my breath away. But after we accidentally ran him down with our carriage, I became convinced he belongs to that most despicable class of men: rakes. His arrogance is insufferable...except when he appears so shy and considerate that I almost think St. Albans is two different men. But that cannot be possible. Or can it?

My Rating: 4/5

Stared out slow but turned out wonderful! Love is in the Heir is a lovely, sweet romance that is sure to be a hit...

I like the idea of mistaken identity with twins, but it can easily become cliche if not done correctly. However, this book definitely hit the mark and I loved it.

Before I get started, let me describe the situation real quick. 
The Earl of Devonsfield is in need of an heir and find out that the twins Griffin and Garnet St. Albans are the last in the line. However, no one knows which one is first born. So, they pretend to be one person and make a deal about how the heir will be determined. And, the shenanigans begin...

Hannah was a solid heroine. On occasion, her stubbornness was frustrating. But, it wasn't I huge problem so I still liked her. Despite her tenacity, when she realized she was wrong, she knew to make amends. She was a strong lead, a clever and determined woman. 

Griffin was the hero in the book and I adored him. He was just so perfect. Griffin is the stronger and more down-to-earth of the twins. He never liked the idea of the charade, so those who worry that he is a deceiver, that's not the case. He was very sweet. He was the kind of hero that would throw away a possibly bright future for his love-and you'll see how that happens. It's impossible not to love him.

Garnet was the more sophisticated and worldly of the twins. This man got on my nerves a few times but I still couldn't help but like him. He's a pain to every one of the characters, but he's so charming that I grudgingly liked him. If you decide to read this book, you'll see what I mean.

The plot of the book was the weak spot. The first third of the book was slow. But, after that, things sped up and I got hooked. As soon as the plot picked up, I was kept riveted, anxious to know what happened and how far the deception would go. The ending was utterly perfect. It definitely left me with a smile.

Love is in the Heir is a lovely romance! Romance lovers, you should give this a read.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Grand Central  Publishing-Forever Yours for a copy!

Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a medieval romance that I really like: Blind Impulse by Kathryn Loch. Go forth and get it for free!

Blind ImpulseAfter the death of his father, Garin Swein returns from fighting in the crusades to claim his rightful place as baron of East of Eden. He arrives to a hero's welcome and discovers himself a changed man, looking forward to his future as baron and marriage to his betrothed, beautiful Alyna Salkeld. But weakened by a wound that refuses to heal, he to falls victim to the same fever that killed his father. Garin survives but the fever has rendered him blind. He can no longer inherit the barony or marry. His dreams destroyed, he knows he will be sent to the church hospice to hide his shame. To his shock, Alyna Salkeld fights to save their betrothal and Garin's right to inherit, insisting he can still be baron even without his sight. Is she doing this just to control his barony?
Alyna knows all to well the challenges Garin faces with the loss of his sight. Her uncle, a talented goldsmith was rendered blind in an accident when she was a little girl. But Alyna's father, Geoff Salkeld, believes in the strength of family. He opened his home to his brother and family instead of forcing Roger into the church. Roger learned to live without his sight and his trade as a goldsmith thrives. Alyna knows Garin is a courageous knight and this battle will be far more difficult than any he has fought in the past.

The priest, although doubtful, allows the marriage with the understanding he will review the situation in six months. If he finds the barony mismanaged in any way or if Garin cannot defeat his blindness, he will annul the marriage and Garin will have no choice but to enter the church hospices.

Both Garin and Alyna know they face a difficult journey but they do not expect the violence with which other nobles fight against them. Ultimately, Garin's enemies decide Alyna's life is now forfeit.

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