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If He's Tempted by Hannah Howell + Featured Freebie

If He's Tempted (Wherlocke #5)

Lady Olympia Wherlocke has the gift of foresight. When Lady Agatha Mallam asks Olympia to locate her brother so he can rescue her from an arranged marriage, she knows exactly where to find Lord Brant Mallam, Earl of Fieldgate. What happens next is something she never envisioned…

Since his betrothed died, Lord Brant Mallam has drowned his sorrow with wine and women. His dissolute ways have only emboldened his calculating mother. But with the help of the enchanting Olympia, he concocts a daring plan to end his mother’s devious designs for his sister. While each step in their bold scheme works to perfection, the sins of the past could unravel a growing desire that neither Olympia or Brant can control…

My Rating: 5/5

So sweet! If He's Tempted was a wonderful historical romance. I loved everything about it!

Olympia was a brilliant heroine. She is remarkably strong-she's definitely not one to let others walk all over her. She faced everything that was thrown at her head on and didn't even break a sweat. And she was very kind-hearted. She refused to see anyone suffer under her watch. There's absolutely nothing bad I can say about her. She was a delight.

Brant was amazing. He's the kind of man who feels deeply. He blames himself for the death of his betrothed, even thought the fault was his stepmother's (more on her later). He felt the need to be the protector of everyone and, when he failed to do so, he felt the guilt deeply. That in itself already makes him a perfect hero. Add to that his kindness, determination to do what was right, and insistence on being a total sweetheart, and we have a top notch hero. He definitely made it on to my list of favorites. 

Olympia and Brant were a perfect couple. They complemented each other so well. They were very sweet together and very enthusiastic in the bedroom. I though they were perfect together. 

Brant's stepmother-Lady Letitia-was one hell of a piece of work. She's the kind of antagonist that you hate with a passion and cheer when she's defeated. The things she did for greed were astounding. If there ever was a perfectly hateful villain, this would be she.

The plot started immediately and didn't slow down throughout the entire book. I was kept completely hooked and the thrills of defeating Miss Evil Stepmother had me on the edge of my seat. The ending was utterly perfect.

If He's Tempted was absolute perfection. There isn't one bit of it that I didn't adore. Romance lovers, you have to read this book!

*Thanks to Netgalley and Kensington Publishing-Zebra for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today,  I have a historical romance that I read before and liked: Improper Pleasures by Cheryl Howe. Go forth and get it for free!

Improper Pleasures (The Pleasure Series)Lady Astra Keane ruins herself a second time by seducing her late husband's younger American cousin when he arrives in England to inherit a title and the estate she loves. Discovering she has no funds to start a new life, Astra justifies her proposition to secretly become James's mistress as the only hope of providing a stable environment for her daughter. Her arrangement with James Keane allows Astra to remain the mistress of her home while she explores her long denied passions with a man she finds irresistibly attractive. Though warned not to fall in love with her paramour, Astra soon discovers she'll never make a proper mistress to James. Her heart has become involved but she refuses to give up the affair.

James Keane knows Astra is hiding secrets about her past, but he finds he can't resist her offer to become his mistress. He makes it clear that he'll be returning to America as soon as he turns around the bankrupt estate he's inherited. Though he has no reason to trust her, James doesn't believe Astra coud be involved with the string of accidents that have befallen him since his arrival. Rumors of the Keane Curse leads James to believe his misfortune has a human source, one that he intends to uncover. He only hopes his investigation doesn't reveal he has fallen in love with a woman who wants him dead.


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