Friday, February 22, 2013

At the Highlander's Mercy by Terri Brisbin + AMAZING NEWS!

At the Highlander's MercyCAPTIVE OF THE CLAN

 To regain control of his fractured clan Robert Matheson must take Lilidh MacLerie hostage as a bargaining tool. But Lilidh is no ordinary captive. She's the woman he once loved-and rejected! 

 Rob's touch is etched permanently into her memory and, unaware that he was forced to repudiate their love, Lilidh has never forgotten the man who broke her heart all those years ago. Now, looking into the eyes of her captor, she no longer recognizes this fearsome leader. She should be afraid-there's no telling what he will do. But something about him excites and unnerves her in equal measure....

My rating: 3/5

I had really hoped to like this book. However, unfortunately, it was rather underwhelming.

I really liked the idea of the book. And, let's be honest, highlanders are always a fun read. But, this book fell short of my expectations. 

Lilidh was a weak character. The only time I saw her being strong was while she was being captured, when she fought her attackers. After that, she lost any spark she had at first. She was very complacent about everything. She never fought or defied. However, she did show some glimpse of a backbone a few times, so I was okay with her. But she was far from my favorite heroine.

Robert was another disappointment. When I think of a highlander love interest, I think strong, determined, very manly and heroic. But Robert displayed the same weak will that Lilidh had. His right hand man was openly defying him but he never really did anything. Despite being Laird, he didn't show any leadership. It wasn't until the very end that he manned up and went after what he wanted and became a real leader to his clan. 

Though Lilidh and Robert were underwhelming characters, I liked their relationship. It was immediately obvious that they still loved each other and that added a very sweet element to their relationship. The more intimate scenes were well done and the hotness was still tempered with some sweet. Though I wasn't their biggest fan individually, I did really like them together. 

The plot was steadily paced. I was never riveted, on the edge of my seat, but the book kept me interested throughout the entire story. The ending was nice-both characters finally grew to become stronger. 

I liked At the Highlander's Mercy, but nothing more than that. I definitely didn't love it. But, it was a nice book, a good read. If you're just want a nice, sweet read, you'll want to check this out.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin for a copy!

Amazing New:
I found out something wonderful! For fans of Leanna Renee Hieber's Magic Most Foul series, this is for you. Ms. Hieber is going to serialize the final book in the trilogy: The Double Life of Incorporate Things!
Basically, she going to slowly release sections of the book until, by the print release date, the entire book has been released.
Isn't that amazing?!?!
I totally fangirled when I found out-I'm just so excited to find out what happens next :)
For more information and to find out more about this wonderful occurance, go to her site here.

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