Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Once Again a Bride by Jane Ashford + Nook Color Giveaway Info!

Once Again a Bride
Pushed by her dying father into a marriage with one of his friends, Charlotte Rutherford Wylde finds herself bound to an old man who disdains and ignores her. Miserable, furious, she determines to take drastic action, but before she can confront him, her husband is murdered in the dark London streets. From the moment Charlotte hears this upsetting news, she is subject to shock after shock. Her dead husband has spent the fortune she brought him, leaving her nearly penniless. His will reflects his obsession with the artifacts of ancient Rome, turning her home into a museum. And most astonishing of all, he had an entire family that he never mentioned.

The fashionable Wyldes are as surprised to hear of Charlotte's existence as she is of theirs. To the charismatic Alec she is, at first, just another obligation in his overburdened life. He has to grapple with his dead relative's shady business dealings, an attempted robbery, and a suspicious Bow Street Runner. But it's not long before Alec realizes that there is nothing he would rather do than cherish the entrancing Widow Wylde.

My Rating: 2/5

Unfortunately, not the best historical romance I've ever read. I don't have much to say about Once Again a Bride, so I'll keep this short...

I liked the individual elements of the story. The characters were okay, if a bit bland. The plot was interesting, though not exactly thrilling. The ending was sweet.

But, the pace of the book was so slow. I got bored a few times because everything moved so slowly. The pace ruined what could have been a perfectly nice book. 

The slowness made the romance work at snail speed. It took until about 1/3 of the way through before Charlotte and Alec even take notice of each other in a romantic way. Then, their courtship continued agonizingly slowly.

The plot could have been a whirlwind, with conspiracy and secrets galore. But the pace made it much less interesting than it should have been because everything happened so slowly.

The characters could have been engaging, but the pace made them seem bland.

Now, I didn't outright dislike Once Again a Bride. I just didn't really like it. Other than the pace, everything else about the book was fine. So, overall, it was no more than an okay book, unfortunately. If you have the patience for a slow paced book, you should read this one. Otherwise, you might want to find another.
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